Review – Berghaus Monsoon Jacket

Posted: January 11, 2015 in fashion, New Fudge, New Year, Review, Review
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So, as part of my month long slightly vague theme of ‘New Year New Fudge’, I figured one way to do some sort of self-improvement is to improve my wardrobe. Now, I don’t normally keep jackets in the wardrobe as they normally get put on hooks by the front door, but I got a jacket. So here is a review of a jacket.

Monsoon Shell Jacket)

So, it’s winter, windy and wet and cold and rubbish and your missus has told you she wants cheesecake and the car won’t start. Obviously she’s not going to stop complaining until you go to the Co-op and buy cheesecake, so what do you do, hot shot, WHAT DO YOU DO?

You get yourself togged up in some fancy outdoor wear from Berghaus and venture up the bumpy road and round the corner to buy some cheesecake. Well, that or you get some digestive biscuits and chocolate Philadelphia and make home-made cheesecakish things, that she initially says is a bad idea but then spends the next 8 days making and eating instead of any other food.

This here jacket is the Monsoon Shell Jacket in Porter Green. It’s in size S, but fits me well, which makes me think maybe I’m not as chunky as the cracked beams on the bedframe suggest. Here’s a couple of photos of me modelling it. Like a model. Yeah.


Where have I put my keys?

berghaus jacket

I haven’t done my hair. Don’t look at my hair.


Brand name pimpery.

Obviously, a career on the catwalks of London and Paris and Milan and Rochdale beckon.

So, here are some facts and such I nicked off another website researched thoroughly for the sake of this review.

  1. Fully taped seams.
    Don’t know what that means. I assume it’s good.
  2. AQ Inch 2 fabric provides durable waterproof protection.
    Because you will stay nice and dry in the rain. Which is good when it’s raining.
  3. A DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment increases performance and delays saturation to the face fabric.
    I think this means it won’t get soaked through when it’s piddling it down and you have to buy cheesecake.
  4. Two external zipped hand warmer pockets hidden hood with pulleys.
    To keep your hands warm, or perhaps to protect your keys or sweets from the rain.
  5. Drawcord to hem.
    To help you fight dragons.
  6. 100% Nylon.
    Means you can wear it in Outer Space.
  7. Machine Washable.
    If you have a washing machine you can wash it.

So, all in all it’s a lovely jacket that I will wear everywhere I go until Gem says I have to stop wearing it because it is July and she’d rather I stopped complaining about being hot and bothered. It’s really quite comfy and apparently when I wear it while driving and I wave at people Gem says I look sexy in it. So if you see a man in a red car and a Porter Green jacket waving at you and you don’t recognise him, it’s me trying to get in the missus’ knickers.

You can find this and many other awesome jackets and outdoor wear (the rucksacks are funkyawesome) from Berghaus at their Official Site, and while you’re at it, why not give them a follow on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m going out to buy cheesecake now. In the car. Waving.



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