Review – Measupro Pulse Oximeter (& Competition!)

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Competition, health and safety, New Fudge, New Year, Review
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As part of my New Year, New Fudge vague theme for the blog this month, I thought a bit of the old fitness and health stuff might be fun. Well, I say fun, I rarely have fun with fitness and such, being as I am a fan of sitting around playing video games in a Spider-Man onesie for most days (and nights once I’ve finished working through my Walking Dead boxset). Still, for the sake of this blog, and being allowed to sleep somewhere other than the sofa, a little bit of exercise and dieting won’t hurt. It helps that I have a couple of related products to review too, shush.

So, what do we have first? We have this…
Measupro OximeterThe Measupro OX100 Pulse Oximeter. A fancy little gadget that you put on your finger. It measures your pulse rate and using some sort of fancy infra-red magic (science I don’t understand) it measures the oxygen saturation of your blood. Now, I showed the above picture to the best doctor I know (Dr Ranj from cBeebies, he sings songs about poo and cold sores to puppets) and he said it looked good and I am not going to die or anything. So that’s nice.

Here’s a link to the wikipedia page that explains all about Oximeter and what it does. I tried reading it myself, but I fell asleep whilst operating heavy machinery and lost an arm. I later found the arm, it was fine.

In the box for this funky bit of magic kit, you get the oximeter, which is about the width and height of a Tamigotchi off of the 90s, but about 2 Tamigotchis thick. I measure most things in Tamigotchis, because I have issues. You also get a nifty little carry case, a lanyard (I freakin’ love lanyards. Again, issues) and a big instruction sheet full of information (none of which adequately explains what the thing does, hence the wikipedia link. I had to do research. Pfft.) Oooh, and it also comes with batteries so you don’t even have to go to the shops.

The info on the box says that this gadget is good to keep an eye on your performance if you’ve just been working out at the gym, or if you just want to keep an eye on your general well being, and who am I to argue with a box? I like it because it has a nifty feature where you can rotate the screen round in case you can’t read it sideways or upside down if you put it on the wrong finger. It’s all good.

Just checked my finger again, it says the same as in the picture, in case you were worrying I was getting too excitable writing about it.

You can pick up this fancy gizmo from Amazon, and it costs £29.99.

But why would you do that when I’m giving you the opportunity to win one? Eh? Exactly.

So, to be in with a chance of winning one of these Pulse Oximeters, simply answer this incredibly difficult easy question, fill in the boxes with the required information, and hold your breath until the 25th January at 9pm GMT when I will reveal the winner on twitter, and then email you constantly until you provide me with a shipping address to send you your prize.

Usual rules and that apply, one entry per person, my decision is final, I can’t be bribed etc etc.

So… The Question!
What does Dr Ranj sing about on cBeebies?
A – Shoe
B – Poo
C – Fondue


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