Newsflare – Getting paid for your videos! Oooh.

Posted: Jan 24, 2015 in awesome, Review, Review, social media, social networking, YouTube

Hello you lot. You look like you could do with a new handbag or a hat for on your head.
Look, a newsworthy event is happening just outside your office window!

Pop Quiz, hot shot, what do you do? What DO YOU DO?


No, you don’t shoot the hostage, you get your smartphone or camera or recordable mind camera (depending on when you read this post, recordable mind cameras are the way of the future) and you film said event. Then what…?

You upload it to Newsflare, and then they make you a load of money by selling your video to news people and that. Kind of like when the newspapers go on twitter and nick videos without asking, but in such a way that you get paid! Yeahhhhhh, that’s a spicy meatball.

So, yeah, that’s an overexcited introduction to Newsflare, a fabulous new service that is after your videos and such for various news agencies. Have a video of a big crowd on Trafalgar Square? a video of a rhino murdering your fiancee? or footage of your gurning face on a roller coaster? Sign up to various assignments, then Newsflare will take your videos and make you some money.

Still confused by the words I have written with my cold fingers? Have a look at this here video with your eyes.

Did that make it clearer? Yeah, of course it did. Basically, you carry on with your life as you normally do, you see something happening, you video it, and then you send it to these guys who will do all the legwork getting some cold hard cash so you can buy some underpants. It costs nowt to register and you can turn off all their emails so it’s not like they’ll pester you constantly either, like your mum checking you’ve washed behind your ears every night or your bank saying you’ve been over your overdraft limit for nine months and they’re going to repossess your cat.

There are various categories of video they’re after, including life hacks, music concerts, they’re after evidence of giant rats in one assignment, which is kinda nasty. Still, it’s a good reason not to clean up that sandwich you dropped in the corner of the kitchen. Maybe.

Get yourself registered up here and let me know when you’re a millionaire, because then I expect you can buy me a coffee or something that hovers. Not a hoverboard though, I have resigned myself to the fact that they will forever be fictional. Like Subway serving chips, or my phone’s battery lasting more than 4 hours.

Go, do it now! Right now. Ok, finish what you’re doing and then do it. Fine.

  1. Dan says:

    This is no lie people I uploaded a 27 second video of my dog doing something silly and got paid $32.01 for it and the money is in my account from it
    The videos MUST be yours that you took.


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