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Posted: Jan 31, 2015 in Review, Review
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So, it’s the weekend again, the kids are full of energy from their Coco Pops Porridge, and the missus has buggered off to work with strict instructions that nobody is allowed to play on their phones or the playstation because there was a thing on the radio saying that kids spend too much time looking at screens and it’s going to turn them into robots or something.

So, you’re left with two kids, bouncing on your neck, nagging that they’re hungry or they’re bored or whatever else they say after they stamp on your jugular vein and you lose consciousness. What do you do? What sort of thing could they possibly need to keep them entertained…?
Weekend Box Club

You get them a WEEKEND BOX from!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you get when this funky box arrives through the post? Excited kids who can’t wait until you get home from work so they can open it, for starters…

weekend box!

Inside the colourful box (which is nigh on impossible to open without ripping and getting furious, hence no unboxing video) you get a bunch of cards with instructions, as well as a few little envelopes containing almost all the things you need to get started having lots of fun and keeping the kids quiet for. just. one. minute.

weekend box!

This fortnight’s weekend box was Aztec themed, and had the following activities to do…
Aztec Hot Chocolate (you need to buy your own chocolate, milk and vanilla essence)
A grown up is needed to help with this, as there’s boiling water and also they’d eat all the bloody chocolate if you don’t stop them.
You get nutmeg, cinnamon and a little bit of fancy sugar, which you mix together to make 3 big mugs of funky hot chocolate.

hot chocolate
I think the girls had more fun making it than actually drinking it, but that may just be because they’re not fans of cinnamon.
Aztec Parrots
You need an empty loo roll for this, which I’m sure you’ll have from all that going to the loo you do because it’s the only place you get to hide from all the screaming.

I don’t have a final photo for this one, as the kids got distracted and just started painting pictures instead. I’m not complaining though, it kept them quiet, and the wiggle eyes and feathers have been saved in the craft box for another time.

Aztec Pattern Prints


Another painty one that ended up with the kids just having fun with paint, which I suppose is good, them being all creative and that. The internet says that sort of behaviour should be encouraged, but the internet says a lot of things should be encouraged, so I’m always a bit wary. Still, they had fun and that isn’t a bad thing. Again, no photo, but I did get this one of Meg showing off her instruction leaflets and stickers for when she completed each task. She seems pretty pleased with herself. This is before she got herself covered in paint, obviously.

Aztec Mosaic Tiles

I enjoyed this one most, because it didn’t involve cleaning up paint or milk from the kitchen table.

Now, if you’ve got younger kids, you might wanna keep an eye on them with scissors, or get those safety scissors that don’t cut things, because they’re always good. Or get an older sibling to help, because she won’t shut up about there not being a Weekend Box for kids her age yet.
20150125_083554Anyway, this one went quite well, and I even managed to get a photo when they were done cutting and sticking and such. Go Me!

and I’ve just noticed that Meg has a runny nose in that picture. Oh good grief.
To be honest, I really should crop that out, but it’s not like she’ll be reading this review in 12 years time, getting embarrassed and such. Bwahahaha.

When they’ve done making all their stuff, there’s a final sticker, as well as a certificate for the kids to colour in and sign and such. Which is nice. She’d kinda lost interest by this point though, as it was lunch time and I had made noodles.
20150125_124227She can’t do ‘g’s the right way round yet, but that’s fine, when I were her age my lower case ‘a’ was basically a lollypop.

For £7.50 a go it’s pretty good value, and kept my kids occupied for a good few hours. Oh, and if my recommendation isn’t enough, why not use this fancypants promo code – AL228 to get your first box for free!

You can follow the Weekend Box Club on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube if you’d like. It’s a box full of fun, and a good hour or two so you can get on with your paperwork or sitting in your mancave crying or whatever.

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