Review – My Buddy-Box

Posted: Feb 3, 2015 in Review

SCENARIO – You’re shopping, you don’t want to carry a load of bags for life, and you certainly aren’t going to pay 3p for a flimsy pseudo-bag that won’t hold the weight of any of the shopping you’re going to buy, even the bubblewrap you’ve decided to buy purely for popping during Celebrity Big Brother to stop yourself throwing things at the telly.



“A satchel?” I hear you say in a slightly squeaky voice, like somebody has just stamped on your crotch like one of those high class ladies of the night that you can hire in London for £3000 a night. “How can you use a satchel for your shopping?”

But wait, this is My Buddy-Box. A fancy fold-out box for all your box-based needs.

Don’t believe me? Well, watch as Jess earns her dinner by demonstrating the magic of unfolding and such…

Impressed? Yeah, I knew you would be. I had to slow down the video to make it longer than 14 seconds long, 14 seconds is just ridiculously short for a video.

Anyway, the final result is a box perfectly suited to carrying your shopping, or for storing your favourite possessions in the nicest possible way.

my buddy box

Not shown in the video, but clear in the above pic are the little slidey bits on the top that make the box nice and stable, stop it falling to bits and such.

The buddy box is light and fairly strong, I’m reliably informed it’ll hold 20kg, so it should definitely take an emergency tinned food shopping trip, if Megan jumping into it is any good sign.

I’m a big fan of both the satchel look, as well as the larger wooden crate style (although Gem is not a fan, but she has weird tastes.)

My Buddy Box

You can pick up one of these boxes from in a variety of different styles and colours, including this fancy satchel/wooden crate, birds and flowers and leopard print, as well as boring old plain black. They cost £14.99 a go, which I admit seems a little pricey, but it’s a strong box, looks great and folds up to nothing using what can only be described as witchcraft (or origami). Oh, and if you enter the code CAGGLE at the checkout, you get yourself some free shipping. You lucky sods.

You can also find out more on Facebook and Twitter, if you know how to do that.

The website says you can use the box for everything from shopping, to laundry, to gardening to using as a makeshift sledge in the snow if you don’t have a fat bottom. (that last one I made up, but there’s nothing to say that you CAN’T do that)

So, there you go. I wrote a blog post about a box and didn’t fall asleep once. No I didn’t. You don’t know. Shush. I nodded off once.


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