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Sometimes I like to browse the, looking for things to write about, things to review and such. Well, one day I see a nice assignment for reviewing some new trainers. In my naiive mind I think to myself, oh that’d be a fun thing to write about, I’d like to give a pair of trainers a go, my current trainers are a bit past it, they let in water, I can’t run in them without blisters popping up and popping out everywhere. This would be a good blog opportunity for me.

I forget that sometimes I shouldn’t tell Gem that I have to review fancy new trainers, because she wants to try some new trainers because I always get stuff for me to review. It doesn’t matter that it’s my bloody blog and the last thing I got to review thinking of her, she refused to try out because she said it turned the whole experience into a science experiment.20150228_130952

Anyway, as I am under the thumb, or rather, boot of the missus, I now present to you my review of her new Running Shoes from Asics.

So,I’m gonna start by saying I had a look at the official website for these trainers, and none of the words made sense. If you know what any of these mean in terms that a bearded locksmith might understand then please, do tell me…

Impact Guidance System
Rear and Forefoot GEL Cushioning
Full Length Guidance Line
spEVA 55 Midsole material
Dynamic DuoMax Support System
Trusstic System
Discrete eyelets
3M Reflective
Removable Sockliner (Actually I think I know what this is. But I’m not telling you in case I’m wrong)
Guidance Trusstic System®

It’s all sciencey gobbldegook to me, but needless to say, Gem reliably informs me that these are fantastically comfortable trainers. They weigh next to nothing, look lovely, and have the whole shiny reflective thing for if she goes running at night.


Well, I say running, jogging with the new puppy. Well, I say jogging with the new puppy, stopping every two minutes so he can sniff something.

Gem is really bad for destroying both her feet and trainers. It’s either, she has new shoes and they make her feet turn into one gigantic blister, or the blisters stop and the shoes start falling to bits. Not so with these. She’s managed a good few jogs in them without any of the issues she usually gets. Not once have I had to hack at the backs of her feet with a pair of scissors trying to get a blister to pop, and nor have I had to massage her sweaty feet after a long session. (session of walking or whatever. No other kind of session. That rarely happens. Which is why I have such a high score on Tetris.)


Speaking of sweaty feet, that also doesn’t seem to be a problem with these shoes, which obviously is a godsend, and means I can start eating cheese again without having a ‘Nam style flashback.

The shoes have a fairly decent grip too, which is handy, given the current swing between ridiculous icy conditions and ridiculously muddy conditions. They’re fairly water resistant, although Gem does tend to avoid puddles like they’re the plague, as she has a terrible fear of worms.

2015-02-28 13.04.42

I’m pretty sure I’d have more to say about these shoes if I were a fitness person, or had any knowledge about shoes other than the 45 minute lecture I was given by the clog maker at Colne Valley Museum, the worst 44 minutes of my life. (I was allowed to hold a hammer for 1 minute.) then I’d be able to tell you all sorts of ways these shoes are awesome. I can however, say that Gem thinks they are the most comfortable things she has worn on her feet since I banned her from stealing my slippers, and they’ve got her out and about running, which leaves me plenty of time to sit at home in peace and quiet, playing cookie clicker.

These trainers can be picked up from Asics’ official site for the decent value price of £66.95 (reduced from £94.99), and if they’re not the exact kinda style you like, there are loads of different varieties and colours (ranging from fairly awesome to OH GOOD GRIEF MY EYES). They also do men’s trainers, shockingly. Sigh.

Oh, and the shoes also look a bit like the Spider-Man 3 venom suit. So that’s cool.

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