Review – August SE20B Mini Bluetooth Stereo System

Posted: Apr 11, 2015 in awesome, iphone, music, Product review, Review
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Review time again, and this here is a fancy new bluetooth stereo system, with built in FM radio and USB & SD player from August.

august se20bThis stereo system, which looks somewhat like the CD boombox your mum got you for Christmas in 1996, but ended up stealing it for the kitchen so she could listen to The Mavericks while she emptied the dishwasher. It’s a bit smaller though, as it no longer has a need to do CDs because physical media is a dying form, man.

So, I might as well list the features that this thing has, with the full extent of my technical knowledge.
1. It does bluetooth stuff, so you can plumb your phone into it, listen to whatever awesomesauce you’ve downloaded illegally from the internet, like the cool kids do. It also works as a speaker for your phone when you take a call, although you obviously need your phone nearby to be able to reply. The speaker has play/pause, forward/back and volume controls, so if you want to keep your phone charging in the living room but still listen to your kicking 90s beats while you’re sat on the loo, and get to a tune you don’t want to listen to, say Lighthouse Family, which is an alright tune and you have no shame in owning, but it doesn’t really go with your bowel rhythms at that particular time. Well, you can just press the button the speaker and skip to something more appropriate, for example, Republica’s Ready to Go or anything by The Verve.
It’s Bluetooth 3.0 too, which is good. Probably. Better than 2.0, I would imagine.

2. It has an FM radio, with up to 12 channel presets. So, you can listen to Radio 1 (although, really, you’re too old for that), Radio 2 (which you’re too young for), Radio 3 (nope) or Radio 4 (for the nonsensical plays and occasional documentary about how they did the sound effects on the movie Gravity, which was bloody awesome). I can’t think of any more radio stations. I don’t need 12 presets. Moving on…

the back end

3. It has a USB and SD Card Reader, in case your phone is in the other room or whatever, and you just have all your music stored on one of those funky little dongles which you’re not allowed to call dongles because your mum thinks you are talking about men’s willies. Anyway, shove one of these up the stereo’s back end, and there you go. It’s like a giant version of that fake iPod you got from the garage before your phone was powerful enough to carry more than 3 songs. Sweet.
It also has a mini-USB port do you can plug your phone or MP3 player or whatever directly into the thing, in case you’re scared of Bluetooth because you think it is actually something to do with teeth or something.

4. It has 2 x 3W Powerful Hi-Fi Speakers because sometimes you want to drown out the noise of your children, puppy, meaningless existence and other things, or because you were going to be funny and type this paragraph in caps lock to symbolise how loud these speakers were and you forgot and it’s too late to change it all now.


5. It has a 24 hour clock function, which is better than a 23 hour clock function, and handy if you want to know what time it is for some reason. It’s a clock.
Ooooh it has an alarm too, in case you happen to need waking up or reminding that dinner is ready or that you need to put some underpants on because your missus will be home soon and she has issues with you sitting around in the nude, eating beef jerky, watching Newsnight and shouting because you don’t really understand what is happening.

6. It has an internal rechargeable battery, that works through the Mini-USB port (the same type of plug as a PS3 controller uses, of which you have gathered thousands over the years and have them all hung up in your mancave, because you wanted it to look all technical, but really it just looks like wires hanging off the wall, falling off every time you move. You’re terrible at interior decoration, aren’t you, you bloody idiot.)

7. Er… that’s it I guess. Oh, the screen lights up blue, which is the best colour out of all of the colours.

So, yeah, that’s your features. I’ve not tested it for range, but it definitely works all over my house, with my phone plugged into the living room, because, well… the downside of an awesome speaker thing…

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You can pick up this speaker on Amazon for just under 15 of your English pounds, something I’d recommend you do right now or in the next twenty-five minutes.

This stereo looks lovely and I’d say retro, but that’d be like admitting I was getting old. The battery life is decent (it lasts about 6 or 7 hours a charge, which is more than enough time to just about almost finish the washing up) and it’s quite light and durable (although the kids did manage to bend the aerial within a couple of days. Don’t worry, they’re still alive.)

How would I improve it, or what would make me eager to buy the next model? A better display screen (doesn’t show track names and such), and a DAB radio function would be nice. But I suppose for the price, you couldn’t go better. Now leave me be so I can listen to my Savage Garden acoustic collection.

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    Review time again, and this here is a fancy new bluetooth stereo system, with built in FM radio and USB & SD player from August. This stereo …


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