JACK’S GIRL – The Face of Jack’s Link Beef Jerky Competition

Posted: April 25, 2015 in Competition
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Jack Link’s, creators of some utterly wonderful beefy snacks, jerky and such are holding a contest to find the new face of their brand. Remember that time I said I really liked beef jerky and then ate 20 packets in 3 days and got a headache, that was Jack Link’s stuff. It was glorious. I have no regrets.

JACK’S GIRL is a competition to find 15/16 year old girls who are prepared to have their face made into a cardboard cut-out to advertise all their funky meaty goodness worldwide. Over 1000 girls applied, and as the final stages approach, we’re left with 321 girls from 21 European countries facing the public vote. From that public vote, 30 girls will go on to the next stage of the competition, and the winner not only gets the aforementioned cardboard cut-out, but also £3000 and a photoshoot.

As an incentive to get you to vote, when you go and tick your box voters given the chance to win a PS4, so they can play GTA Online with me and shoot me in the bottom whenever I do jazz hands. I do jazz hands a lot on GTA Online.

You can vote for your favourite girl to be the face of meat HERE until 2PM on 29th April, with the winner announced on 11th May; and I would highly recommend you also go along to HERE to get yourself 50p off a lovely Jack’s Link beef snack at Tesco Express.

You can find Jack’s Links on Facebook, Twitter and tucked nicely into their snuggly corner of the information superhighway HERE.


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