Review – Ozeri WeightMaster II Digital Bathroom BMI Scale

Posted: May 9, 2015 in Fitness, Review, Review
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What’s this? Another bathroom scales review? Hey Fudgey, are you obsessed with weighing yourself or something? You’re not a big tubby lumpster, you’re perfect as you are!

Well, that’s kind of you to say in your minds which you did say, but sometimes I have to review stuff and sometimes it can’t be all bluetooth speakers and ladypleasure toys and such.

No, YOU have a selfie stick.

No, YOU have a selfie stick.

So, the Weightmaster II Digital Bathroom BMI Scale is a fairly advanced bit of measuring kit. Not only can it weigh you, it also works out your BMI based on your height, as well as showing your net weight change for up to 30 previous recorded weights. Not only that, but you can make it fun for all the family with up to 8 user profiles to play with.

Decided against the photo with my feet because apparently I have weird toes.

Decided against the photo with my feet because apparently I have weird toes.

So, on your first go, you program in your height (in imperial or metric, complicated sums haters!) and set in your standard weight. The scale then works out your BMI, and tells you is you’re underweight, normal, overweight or up to three levels of obese. It then records your score for next time (and can store up to 30 previously recorded weights, providing a net loss over a longer time period) so it can glow lovely happy green if you’ve been good and lost weight or angry, bossy red if you’ve gained because you just found a 4-pack of sausage rolls in the fridge.

Hey Look! I've lost weight! YAY!

Hey Look! I’ve lost weight! YAY!

It’s all very fancy and scienceterrific and looks very pretty in white (black is also available, but doesn’t match our bathroom says Gem), with a fancy glass middle bit so you can admire your lovely laminate flooring when you’re weighing yourself.

It also automagically switches on when you stand on it, and unless you’ve lost a leg or eaten a truck, it is able to detect which user profile you are as if by magic*.

*magic = science I don’t understand.

It has a maximum weight of 440lbs (200 kg), but even I’m not that big when I’m wearing all my coats. So you should be fine.

Also, in big letters, it says it has Microban Antimicrobal Product Protection, which I assume means it won’t go manky because of your grotty-ass feet standing on it, sweating, while eating a sausage roll. Which is nice. But not as nice as this sausage roll. Yum.

You can pick up one of these, or it’s black cousin on Amazon for a decent price of £29.99, which includes batteries and such. It doesn’t include sausage rolls, which is a shame, but you can’t have everything. But seriously, go and get one if you’re interested in keeping an eye on your weight and you can’t be arsed doing maths to work out your BMI.

  1. Vikki Greer says:

    The fact it goes red if you don’t lose weight would make the desperate-for-validation side of me be extra careful each week to make sure I lost at least an ounce…


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