REVIEW – Tostadora Geek T-Shirts #GeekPride

Posted: May 25, 2015 in Product review, Review, ribena
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It’s Geek Pride Day! Bah weep grah nah weep ninny bong! Live long and porpoise! Etcetera! What better way to celebrate such things than by wearing an awesome t-shirt with an obscure logo!


Well, that’s where Tostadora comes in, with their fantastic, massive (took me an hour to choose) range of geeky, funny and awesome t-shirts and accessories.


I tidied the mancave up for this photo.

Here’s me in my t-shirt, chosen so i can wear it to the final Auto Assembly in August, because there’s only so many different times i can wear my ‘Robots In Disguise’ t-shirt with the autobot symbol with a moustache. Also, Gem approves of the design, which means I am allowed to wear it out in public, to the shops and places where she will be with me.

It’s a well made shirt and printed properly, not with one of those shonky home kits or whatever it is they do on some other sites (i want to name names but i fear Vistaprint don’t like being called out for being shit). No chance of it become an indistinguishable mess after the couple of washes it needs after you dribble ice cream and barbecue sauce down yourself. No, not together. I tried that once, it was weird. Nice, but weird. There’s a range of sizes, from ickle up to hyauj, and a choice of colours too.

One of the reasons I chose Tostadora is that they credit the designers of each t-shirt’s design. Not only that, but if you want to submit a design, you can get a decent rate of commission without having to apologise to your friends for making them buy a stupidly priced bit of tat. (*shakes fist at cafepress*)

As well as t-shirts, you can get hoodies, phone cases, and a variety of different bags. So if you’re willing to walk around without trousers on, you could have a whole outfit of geeky personalised awesomeness.

Seriously though, Tostodora, do trousers, I have to appear before a judge in the morning.

Go on, head over there now, and I can guarantee you’ll find a t-shirt design to suit you. Then you can get your geek on in public like some sort of proud pop culture lunatic, just like me. Because I’m cool. Cool like a Fonz. Not THE Fonz. A Fonz.

Also, check out Tostadora on Twitter, because reasons.

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