A Couple of Movie Reviews (via The Reel Deal)

Posted: Jun 3, 2015 in Movie, movie, Movie Review
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Hey peeps, just thought I’d thrust your eyes towards The Reel Deal to see a couple more reviews I’ve done.

We’ve got Can’t Come Out To Play (AKA The Harvest), a creepy thriller in which General Zod and a Pre-Cog channelling Kathy Bates stop some kids having fun for various reasons.



and then there’s Whiplash, a film about drumming and shouting and making people cry via the medium of J Jonah Jameson’s lizard neck.




So, yeah, go and have yourself a read, check out the other stuff on there (there’s a competition to win an Insidious 3 ghost hunting kit on there at the moment) and leave comments and such, because nobody ever leaves me comments any more. It’s like you accept what I’m saying as the gospel truth and don’t have opinions of your own. Or you’re just lazy.

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