Desperados & UKF’s CityHack Competition For Awesome People!

Posted: Jun 20, 2015 in Competition
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Hey peeps, do you like beer? Do you like Tequila? Do you like Tequila beer? Then you’ve probably already heard of Desperados, the tequila flavoured beer that makes my missus turn into a giggling mess halfway up the stairs. Well, the lovely folk at Desperados, along with UKF are launching CityHack, a competition opportunity for DJs, artists, promoters, designers and general creative folk, giving YOU the opportunity to throw massive, unique parties in one of three UK cities.

Here’s a video about it, watch that…
Did you enjoy that? It was very nice, wasn’t it?

So, yeah, here’s some details.

If you’re awesome at doing arty stuff, if you’re the jockiest of all the DJs, if you can promote people to the point at which they say “Stop Promoting me! I’m so promoted I feel sick!” then this is the opportunity for you. You need to get yourself over to THIS HERE WEBSITE and submit a 15 second video showing you doing whatever you do better than anyone ever. I’d do it but I don’t think they want to see what I do best. At least not at this time in the morning.

If you get picked to join in with the fun, you’ll be put into a crew of likeminded creative awesomenauts, performing various funky challenges around London, Bristol and Manchester, forcing random people to enjoy themselves, like some kind of likeable Dom Joly or something, putting your talents to good use to make fancy stuff happen.

Helping you along will be a whole bunch of mentors, including Carly Wilford (the lady on that video up there), Pav (a dub step person that I have no knowledge of as I am a curmudgeon), Dave Bailey (a fancy designer man) and Stuart Warren-Hill (who does special special effects that are special).

The competition’s climax is a massive party organised by the winning teams in Building 6 (I’m not cool enough to know what that is) where you’d be given free rein to make the best event ever that people will remember forever like Woodstock, or my 10th birthday party when I had a Dennis The Menace cake. The winners will also find themselves with 12 months free mentorship from UKF’s funky team of wise people who know what they’re on about.

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to make other people have fun, and you can bring yourself to make a 15 second long video showing off your funkiness, then head to right now. No, right now. Don’t even make a coffee first. Go. Now.

You’ve got until Friday 26th June to get your entry in, so get a bloody move on before I pop round there and kick you up the bum.

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