Thoughts and Opinions (Part One)

Posted: Jul 22, 2015 in Boredom, Fudgecrumpet, funky nonsense, funny, Funny Pictures
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Hello. How are you? Oh. Well, I hope it gets better.

Now, it seems that just writing interesting and funky reviews about shit folk send me (more coming soon!) isn’t enough to get folk thinking I’m Internet-Space-Jesus, and apparently one is expected to use one’s blog to discuss my feelings and opinions and illnesses and such. So, without further ado, here are some feelings and opinions on things suggested by those lovely spouters of boob and food suggestions, the twitter people. Also, I have a cold and a sore leg.


Here is an out of context picture I made.

Update – twitter has been surprisingly good at suggestions today, like in the olden days so this is now a 2-parter. Ooh.

Thoughts and Feelings
Do blogs about thoughts and feelings really interest anyone? I honestly couldn’t give a shit if you are sad about monkeys or traffic lights or whatever. Maybe I’m just some sort of emotionless curmudgeon robot. Or maybe thoughts and feelings aren’t very funny. If you have any thoughts and feelings on this matter, please send them to the usual address with a ¬£10 amazon voucher attached to make me pay attention to it.

I’m under the impression this is where folk tidy their tummy hair up and get a six pack lumpy tummy to make themselves sexy to women who like that sort of thing. I’d give this a go if it didn’t involve effort, or having to eat stupid mushy food.
Sorry? What did you say? I’m the pinnacle of sexy manlihood already? Yes, you’re right.

Postman Pat
I like Postman Pat. He is great and a lady on twitter says I have his voice. That said, his latest CGI movie is a pile of manky arse.

I’m not a massive fan of cheese. I mean, I like the chewy bits on the edge of Edam and I could happily eat a bag of grated cheese while watching boring telly, but I wouldnt say I’m in the slightest bit excited by cheese. I don’t like blue cheese or smoked cheese or the purple flavoured babybel.

Fudge and/or Crumpets
Both are lovely and awesome, just separately. Put them together and you’ve got yourself a stodgy mess. This is not a euphemism for my web content.

Being Adopted
I don’t really have an opinion on this as, for better or worse, I am 100% my parents’ kid. I even have my mum’s beard.
That said, if you’re adopted, well done.

Cat Videos on the Internet
Well, yeah, there are a lot of them.
THIS is my favourite.

And on that note. Let’s finish this off later, after I’ve had a sandwich…

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