REVIEW – SHOUTYKID 3 – How Harry Riddles Got Nearly Almost Famous

Posted: August 31, 2015 in Fudgecrumpet

Afternoon all, Jess has been reading a new book, the third title in the Shoutykid series – How Harry Riddles Got Nearly Almost Famous by Simon Mayle, available now from all good bookshops and possibly bad ones too.


This third book follows the adventures of Harry Riddles, as he finds his chance of winning the Battle of the Bands challenged by his dad’s desire to take his whole family on a sailing trip for two whole years.

FUDGEY – So, Jess, you’ve read one of the Shoutykid books before? Did you like it?

JESS – Yes, I’ve read the first one, and it was awesome. Really easy to read.

FUDGEY – This is the third in the series, though. Do you think you’ve missed much by not having read the third book (which is on your birthday list now, I reckon)?

JESS – No, you could read this book on it’s own without having read any of the other books.

FUDGEY – How is the book written? Is it like a boring grown up book or does it have any interesting twists or pictures?

JESS – It’s written in the style of emails, internet chat rooms, websites and letters. There are loads of pictures too, and they’re pretty cool.

FUDGEY – So, tell me about the main character, Harry Riddles. What sort of things does he earn to be known as the shouty kid? Does he shout all the time?

JESS – No, he tries to impress people, by joining a band and doing all sorts of cool stuff.

FUDGEY – What’s so bad about his dad taking him on a two year holiday?

JESS – It means he’ll miss his friends and the Battle of the Bands, and Jessica, his girlfriend.

FUDGEY – Is Jessica you?

JESS – No. I don’t even – NO.

FUDGEY – What other characters are there? The back of the book mentioned his EVIL SISTER?

JESS – She’s called Charlotte and Harry really doesn’t like her. There’s also his cousin, Charley, who emails Harry all the time; A new kid, Kevin, a good guitar but really annoying.

FUDGEY – So do Harry and his family end up going on their big holiday? Does Harry miss the Battle of the Bands?

JESS – No, it all sorts itself out in the end, and it all has a happy ending.

FUDGEY – Do you think there’ll be a fourth book? Would you read it?

JESS – I think there will be, and I think I would like to read it. 

FUDGEY – What do you think would make the book better?

JESS – I don’t think this book was as funny as the first one, and it could do with more jokes.

FUDGEY – So how many marks out of 10?

JESS – I think 8 out of 10, I’d recommend it to my friends, definitely.

FUDGEY – Thank you Jess, now go and fetch my slippers and pipe.


You can find this book on Amazon, in both Kindle, Paperback and Audio Download editions.


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