Posted: September 11, 2015 in food, Review, Review
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Hi there, it’s me again. I hear you like a bit of the old bacon butty at breakfast time, am I right? Let me guess, you’re a brown saucer? No? A ketchupper then? Yeah, I knew it was one of the other. No other sauce is good for bacon. Or is it?

Well, head across to a Premier Inn within the next six months and you get to try this new PURPLE SAUCE. Yes, you heard me right, Purple Sauce. Sauce that is purple.

No, I’ve not gone mad, it’s purple. Look.


Yeah, I wasn’t fibbing was I? No I wasn’t. Don’t question me again.

This here purple sauce then, instead of basing it on tomatoes like ketchup, or basing it on earthworms or whatever they make brown sauce out of, they’ve gone and made this sauce out of Blackberries. Which is why it’s purple. See? Good.

As well as blackberries, you’ve got a range of natural ingredients – including cracked black pepper, crushed chillies, toasted cumin and smoked salt. I didn’t even know you could smoke salt, so there you go. The sauce has no artificial colours or flavourings, which is good because reasons, and is suitable for vegetarians, if you’re one of those.

Now, without further ado, we should do a taste test, shouldn’t we. Bacon butty time…


See, I can do animated GIFs now. Are you impressed? You should be, that took me bloody ages. Anyway, the sauce is nice, weird but nice. It’s quite tangy, and tastes kinda like Hoi Sin sauce (the one you put on crispy duck when the missus isn’t in, because she doesn’t like you eating ducks because they are cute or something). Gem and the kids aren’t fans, but they’re all quite fussy when it comes to new stuff. This stuff compliments bacon and sausage wonderfully, and is also nice for dunking chips in. I imagine this stuff would work quite well as a BBQ marinade too, although the chances of having a BBQ this year are next to none, because weather is a bitch.

Once you get over that initial blackberry tang, the sauce is quite pleasant. If you do get a chance to try some (exclusively at the Premier Inn for 6 months) then definitely do that. Maybe you could book a dirty weekend with your significant other purely for the purpose of trying this stuff. I’m sure your partner won’t mind if you get purple sauce all over your beard or cleavage (if you’re a man or a woman).

More information, you say? Ok, click HERE to go to Premier Inn’s lovely website where they tell you all the things I just told you, but less funny and without a cool animated GIF that you can steal to use on Twitter for some reason tomorrow.

Oh, and just because it’s awesome, look at the fancy wooden box my bottle of sauce came in. It’s like fancy wine, but sauce for meat. Yeah.


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