The Dairy Promise

Posted: Sep 11, 2015 in Fudgecrumpet
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Oh, I didn’t see you there. Don’t mind me, I’m just drinking a delicious glass of milk. Why don’t you join me? No, it really is milk, honest. Yes, I know you have no reason to trust me after last time. Look, shut up. Just… just shush.


So, I don’t feel bad about drinking this lovely drink of moojuice because I have signed the Dairy Promise, a pledge to only buy dairy products that have the red tractor symbol, therefore helping the farmers who bust a nut to provide us with creamy goodness.

Hm. I may have worded that wrong. Nah, it’s ok, you don’t have a dirty mind.

We all like cheap milk, be it on our weird healthy cereal, in the coffee that stops us murdering our families or as an ingredient in our favourite foods (eggy bread/angel delight/cheese).

However, with the need for the lowest priced product, it’s ultimately the supplier that gets done over. That’s what the Dairy Promise is all about, making sure the farmers and milk producers get a fair deal, and a decent price for their product. This then helps support and maintain the industry and means that your kids and grandkids won’t have to live off the synthetic milk produced by our future ant overlords.


The red tractor logo, which really is a terrible representation of a tractor, allows dairy products to be traced back to individual farms, and helps to ensure your food is safe to eat, ad not some random milk that someone found behind a Biffa bin or something. On each Red Tractor approved farm, each cow has it’s own passport, detailing where it was born, what movements it has made, what their favourite series of CSI is, all sorts of stuff. Maybe not the CSI thing.

So, if you think that farmers deserve a fair deal and you want your food to be traceable, safe and guaranteed awesome, go HERE and sign the Dairy Promise (if you do this before the 14th September, you get entered into a prize draw where you can win a family holiday on a farm, which i am assured will be lovely) and have a read of all the information there, in which they do a much better job than me of telling you information about milk without making it sound mucky.


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