Review – Base London AW15 Collection Shoes!

Posted: Sep 12, 2015 in fashion, Review, Review
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Shoes. Basically, a bag made of cow that you put on your feet to stop you getting muddy feet when you’re walking to the shop to buy crisps. I’m not one of those people who goes out of their way to get nice shoes, I’ve had the same pair of trainers for three years, and even though they’re full of holes and have no grip left on the bottom, they’re really comfy and I hope to keep them for ever (or at least until Gem throws them out). I guess I’m kind of a Northern curmudgeon in that respect, the most I’ve ever paid for a pair of shoes for myself was £12, and that was because all the other shops were shut and there was a funeral or something in an hour.

So, when I get asked to review Base London’s AW15 (Autumn/Winter 2015. Took me a while to work that out. No you shut up) I’m somewhat half expecting the population of Huddersfield to form a lynch mob and burn me in a wicker man. just like Edward Woodward, and absolutely nothing like Nicholas Cage. That said, having had these shoes for a couple of weeks (because I am slow at getting round to writing reviews) I can honestly say that I am converted to the lifestyle of fancy designer shoe wearers.


So these particular shoes are Base London’s Orbit Waxy shoes. I just realised I said shoes twice in the same sentence and now I can’t stop typing the word shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. STOP IT YOU STUPID MAN.
Ok. I’ve calmed down now. If you were playing the ‘Fudgey types the word Shoes’ drinking game, you might want to get your stomach pumped now.

Here’s what the Base London website says about these here footwear items…

A semi-formal men’s lace up chukka boot,
Semi-formal, like you can wear it to a Christening, but don’t meet the Queen wearing them or it’s treason.
Orbit by Base London will revolutionise your wardrobe.
My pair won’t revolutionise my wardrobe, because I don’t keep my shoes in my wardrobe. If anything they’ll cause a minor civil disturbance in the shoe rack downstairs before getting shot by my workboots, like Butch and Sundance in that film they were in.
Rich shades of soft, high quality leathers are teamed with simple stitch details, a rolled leather cuff for extra comfort and low profile rubber sole unit.
Fancy cow, fancy sewing, fancy cushion, fancy bottom bit.
To be worn every day formally or casually, its modest design allows versatility to suit any outfit and any occasion.
This is where I’ve gone wrong, I’ve not worn them every day. I’ve only worn them at the weekend. Bugger. I have failed at shoes.

The website also offers the styling tip of ‘pair with some slim jeans‘, which is good because I have some of those, although I’m not allowed to wear them on the school run, because they are a little too snug around the party zone.

They are really comfy shoes though, when I first saw them I thought they’d probably leave me with blisters and all sorts of painful foot things, because when Gem gets posh shoes that always happens to her and somehow it is my fault. Not so with these though, they are cushioned and lovely and I reckon I could definitely go out for the whole night wearing them if I ever went out on a night out.

You can get these here shoes for £72.99 (making these the most expensive shoes I have ever owned) in black, brown, grey or tan and in sizes 6-12. I’d recommend you got some, but obviously you need to make the time to wear them every day and the possibility of civil war in your clothes cupboard.

In fact, you might not even want the same shoes as me, so why not check out the entire Base London AW15 range HERE which includes all sorts of shoes and boots, some are really quite cool. Some look like bonkers clown shoes too, but y’know, fashion’s fashion.

Oh, wait. Excuse me a moment, there’s a small group of people outside the front door… Back in a sec…



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