REVIEW – Ozeri ZB13 Touch II Total Body Bathroom Scale

Posted: Oct 3, 2015 in Fitness, Product review, Review
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For a blog about general nonsense and non-specific randomness, I certainly review an awful lot of weighing scales, don’t I? I don’t even keep an eye on my weight that much, I just somehow keep getting weighing scales to review. Can’t complain though, they all look fairly futuristic, and each one seems to be progressively fancier, so that’s good. One of these days I’ll fasten them all to my wall so my mancave looks like a spaceship from the future as defined by bad science fiction in 1995. Well, this week I seem to be at a new pinnacle of fanciness with this new weighing scale from Ozeri, the ZB13 Touch II Total Body Bathroom Scale.

WIN_20151003_115642This set of scales does pretty much everything. It weighs you, saves your weight to one of up to 8 profiles so you can keep track of your weight loss or gain easily. It also has fancy maths inside it that can work out your body fat, hydration, muscle and bone mass based on your age, height, and gender. It’s all very futuristic and I didn’t even know any of that was important. But somehow it is. Oh, and it has a function that lets you weigh dogs and babies too, in case you need to do that.

Looks wise, this is a black shiny square with rounded corners and a couple of shiny silver circles where you put your feet. It kind of looks like what would happen if a black shiny square decided to cosplay as Thor but didn’t want to go overboard on the outfit. It’s fairly heavy, but thin, and I think it looks lovely. The blurb on the Amazon post says it looks ‘elegant’ but that makes it sound like a middle aged woman.

The scales power on when you stand on it, and turns itself off when you’re done, so the 2 lithium batteries that are included should last for bloody ages as long as you don’t weigh yourself every two minutes for some reason. I dunno, maybe some people do that.

The infant/pet/luggage tare function is incredibly handy, letting you weigh yourself while carrying the baby/dog/luggage and then without, using it’s futuristic magic (subtraction) to work out how much the baby/dog/luggage weighs without you even having to write things down with a pencil.

I know you lot like some sciencey stuff, so here you go – the scale uses 4 latest generation GX sensors to capture weights up to 200kg (440lb) and made of impact resistant tempered glass which is 4 times stronger than normal glass. Yeah, it’s like rocket science, but rocket science that you stand on naked, while crying.

You can pick up one of these scales HERE on Amazon, and if you want to see me being all po-faced and serious I have put a more serious review on there, that is basically all of the above but without references to middle aged woman, naked crying or whatever silly nonsense that encourages people to send me stuff to review.

  1. This is just what I need as it weighs up too 200kg. By the time I have had an all-day-breakfast and mid-morning coffee and doughnuts……
    It will save me from having to go to the Post Office and standing naked on the Parcel scales.

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