Doing the whole pip pip tally ho thing at the RAF Museum

Posted: Oct 5, 2015 in awesome, Fudgecrumpet, London, Review
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It’s nearly half term, folks! Doesn’t the time fly when the kids are out of your way, learning stuff and that.
Soon they’ll be home for another week, complaining about being bored, setting fire to the garden, touching your stuff and getting fingerprints on your playstation discs.
You’re gonna need something to keep them entertained and quiet, and other than call in Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee or an undercover 1980s action hero, it falls down to you to sort them out.
Well, Flight Lieutenant Fudgey is here to help…


Toodle pip chaps, if this ain't the best photoshop ive done in ages.

The Royal Air Force Museum, based in that London is a great day out for the kids, and they’ve got an awful lot of activities and awesome things going on this coming half term, including…

The Spitfire Experience


Yes, it is true not funny as it seems…you can sit in a Spit

Plonk your bottom in a genuine Spitfire and pretend to shoot baddies just like Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour, or anyone else in a better example.

First World War Make and Take (with Airfix)


Another father/son bonding moment

Build an Airfix kit and take it home with you, and not just because you’ve glued it to your face to celebrate the museum’s First World War in the Air exhibition.

…and all that is just for the half term, there’s loads of other regular stuff to do, including…

Marvel at the life-sized model of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet – the only place in the world where it is on display!
– Over 100 aircraft on site, of all shapes and sizes!
Listen to Winston Churchill give his ‘Battle of Britain’ speech to a fearful nation from his 10 Downing Street Office.
– Check out the amazing 4D cinema in the historic hanger (The fourth dimension is smoke and squirty water and that)
Discover the amazing heroes, heroines and trailblazers who have contributed so much to the development of flight and the RAF.
And Much More!

Oh, and did I mention it was free to get in? Yup, none of that getting a mortgage to bring the whole family nonsense. You have to pay for parking and for the 4D cinema and such, but other than that you get to spend a good few hours in London without spending hundreds of pounds, which must be some kind of novelty.

Add to this virtual tours, autism friendly trails and boats in case flying metal awesomes aren’t enough for ya.


This is a boat.

Check out this awesome video showcasing all this funky stuff…

You can find out more info HERE, and see in detail all the different hangers and exhibits you can expect to see HERE.

It’s all a cracking day out and you should definitely… oh… you’ve already set off… really, it’s a cliché leaving a spinning office chair there, you disappoint me.

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