Gettin’ Saucy with Blend Bros.

Posted: Oct 5, 2015 in Fitness, food, Fudgecrumpet, Review
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Getting saucy, do you see? Because it’s sauce and also a bit of a naughty title to attract people to read the blog? No? Oh, well you bloody write this stuff. Sheesh.

blend bros

So, yeah, Blend Bros are a new company that make high-protein sauces to add to your food. Kinda like those high-protein milkshakes that healthy people eat, but in a sauce. For on top of your meat or vegetables or mixed in with whatever you’re cooking for tea. I’m not selling it well, am I?

Right then, I’ll try again, using their words…
The Blend Bros. mission is to help everyday athletes (this is me, obviously. stop sniggering, you at the back) bridge the gap between the gym and the kitchen. We create health-conscious food products with absolutely no compromise on flavour.

Did that make more sense than the words that I wrote with my fingers just now? I’m sure it did. Sooooo…..


It’s a metal tin full of powder. It smells kinda like mild curry Super-Noodles flavouring (a good thing) and you can either mix it with water to make a sauce to pour on top of your food of just chuck a scoop in with whatever you’re cooking to add a little extra flavour and a lot of extra protein and things that are apparently good for you.

The sauce is made from pea protein (22g per portion), is dairy free, low in salt and has reduced sugar. It’s also 100% vegetarian, so you should have no guilt when you pour it onto your steak.

There are a bunch of different flavours, the big tub is Mexican Pibil Stew, which i used to funky up a cottage pie the other night (photo was deleted at the request of Gem, as the kitchen was untidy), which was lovely. I did also attempt to make it into a sauce to dip my chips into, but that kinda went wrong because I forgot to boil the kettle and also I ate all the chips, still, it smelled nice.

I got to try the Spanish Tomato & Chorizo, which I added to Chilli Con Carne. I have a pic of that, but don’t look too closely because the hob needs a clean and Gem will kill me if anyone notices.


That was a yummy chilli, I may have had seconds. I may also have had thirds, but don’t tell anyone.

I also got fixed up with some Thai Green Curry sauce to try, but I’ll keep you updated on that, I have yet to build up the courage to attempt Thai food. I’m not fancy.

So, a great addition to your pantry, you’ve got the fitness benefits, you’ve got the fact it’s good for veggies and those folk who can’t have dairy stuff because it makes them poop, and you’ve got some fantastic flavours that can be adapted into your regular cooking with a minimum of fuss. It’s all good. (I was going to use the term “It’s all gravy” but 1. It’s a sauce, not a gravy and 2. Nobody has used that term since Charlotte Church used it in mid-2000, and despite her splendid bosom and winning belter voice, she isn’t cool)

You can find Blend Bros on the interwebs HERE, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The sauces are available at musclefoods, or on Amazon, and will shortly be available at Holland & Barratt, so you can buy some when you go to buy Panda liquorice.

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