REVIEW – Aliens Love Dinopants

Posted: Oct 29, 2015 in book, book review, knickers, Review
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Aliens Vs Predator.
Freddy Vs Jason.
Superman Vs Batman.
We all love franchise mashups, and this new book in the Aliens Love Underpants series proves no exception, with the lovable knicker-nabbing aliens meeting some Dinosaurs who also love undercrackers.
Being a big grumpy grown up, I called in some help from Megan (6), asking her some vital questions about plot development, character analysis and the root philosophies of the franchise.


So first off, I asked her what happened in the book, and she gave me this. I think it is a perfect summary of the story and basic themes, and I present her response in it’s original form to preserve her artistic integrity (and not because I can’t read it)…


Spoiler Alert? Who knows.

So. That is what happens in the book. In summary, some aliens crash on earth and find some big pants. The dinosaurs show up and the aliens and dinosaurs have a bit of a stand off. Then they are friends and the dinosaurs go home with the aliens and it’s all good. It’s all very fluffy, all-ages stuff, nobody gets eaten or zapped by ray guns or anything.

So, some questions for Meg. They’re short answers because she’s 6 and doesn’t understand that I have to fill 6-800 words for this review.

Do the aliens and dinosaurs both like underpants? Why do you think?
Yes, because there are sizes big and small.

Is it a happy ending?

What is the funniest bit?
When they got scared of the dinosaurs.

Which are better, aliens or dinosaurs?

Do you like the pictures?

What do you think will happen next?
They will meet humans.

So, all in all I think she liked the book. She scored it 100 out of 5, but she did that to the breakfast I made her earlier too.

From my reading of the book, I enjoyed it. You kinda have to be already interested into the franchise to fully appreciate it, but the story is simple and the pictures are pretty, it’s all good.

Heres a trailer for you to watch…

Amazon have the book on sale here, although I’m sure it’ll be in all good and bad bookshops too.

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