REVIEW – Roald Dahl’s House of Twits App

Posted: Oct 29, 2015 in Review
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Remember a couple of weeks back when I reviewed the new version of Roald Dahl’s classic piece of anti-beard propaganda, The Twits? Of course you do.

Well, now there’s a game based on the book, available NOW for your iPhones and iPads, and all your fancy Android things, and I’ve dragged the kids out of their dungeon to help review it.


So, what’s the app about?
Meg (Age 6) – You have to solve puzzles and do challenges to get high scores and you poke The Twits.

You poke them?
Meg – Yeah! You have to poke them and pull Mrs Twit’s glass eye out and then you get more points.

So this game is just a game about torturing old people?
Jess (Age 11) – Basically yes, but you also get to play mini-games, like preparing meals for The Twits. But, yeah, the whole game revolves around torturing them.

How do you start with the game, then?
Jess – You start off by poking and annoying Mrs Twit, turning the lights off, turning the iPad upside down. It’s very fun and has really good animations.


Is the game difficult?
Meg – It starts out kind of difficult but by the end I knew how to play.

You mentioned the animation before, Jess, does it look and feel like it’s the book come to life?
Jess – Yeah, it’s kind of 3D but looks like the original pen drawings. The sounds are good too, they have got funny voice actors in to do the noises.

Can you play with friends?
Jess – It’s for one player only.

What is your favourite mini-game?
Meg – I like the one where you have to find the upside-down monkeys.
Jess – My favourite is the one where you have to pluck food out of Mr Twit’s beard and put it in his mouth but don’t let him eat any fleas.

Who would you recommend this game to?
Meg – Everyone!
Jess – I would recommend it to my friends, but I think it helps if you read the book first.


What happens as you go through the game, or is it the same all the way through?
Jess – As you go up levels, you unlock more games and tricks so you can mess with The Twits, and different rooms in their house.
Meg – I unlocked ants for in the toilet.

Do you think that the game is too mean, especially to people with beards?
Jess – No, I like pulling on Mr Twit’s beard. Don’t worry though, I won’t pull on yours, Dad.
Meg – I will! Argh!

Ow. Thank you girls.

You can get House of Twits by following THIS LINK or searching on your appropriate app store. It costs £2.99, but from what I’ve played and the several hours the girls have spent on it, I reckon it’s worth the money.


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