REVIEW – Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Annual 2016

Posted: Oct 30, 2015 in book, book review, Review
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Everybody loves bonkers facts, in fact, that’s pretty much what half the internet relies on; and there are none more bonkers fact collectors than those folk over at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!
Their 2016 collection of oddities, grossness and general daftness has just been released in book form and as it is half term, I’ve roped in Jessica (11) to help review it.


So, for starters you’ve got a massive hardback book with some weird lenticular 3Dish eyes on the front. That’s the sort of thing that automatically makes the missus disapprove, so already we’re on to a winner. I let Jess out of her oubliette long enough to ask her a few questions about the book.

What is this book about then?
Jess – It’s a collection of weird facts and strange stories from around the world. There are some silly things, lots of gross horrible things and stuff like extreme stunts.

What sort of categories are there, and which is your favourite?
There are sections on animals, art, body, feats and all sorts. My favourite section is about Food because it is just weird and has some really odd and gross stuff.

Are there funny bits? What was your funniest bit?
Yes, there are loads of funny bits. My favourite funny bit was the poo sculptures and the upside down house with an upside down dog.

Do you like the way the pages are presented? Is it easy to read?
The pages are jam packed with facts, but it is very well laid out and easy to follow. There are loads of pictures and facts in their own special boxes.

What sort of pictures are there?
There are loads of cool and gross pictures, with some really weird stuff that I’ve never seen before.

Do you think you’ve learned anything from this book?
I’ve learned loads of interesting facts about all sorts of stuff. Every time I open the book I find something new.
Does the book encourage you to find out more?
Yes it does, I’ve already searched on the internet for more information and odd stuff like this.

Do you like the weird eyes on the cover?
Yes I really do, but mummy thinks they’re horrible.

Tell me a weird fact or story. Or else.
A farmer dressed his car as a sheepdog so he could get his sheep to behave. The sheep thought it was like a real dog



Would you recommend this book to your friends? If so, how would you make them interested in it?
I would probably show them my copy first, so they can see it. Ewww… there’s a poop bus that runs off poop.

For the sake of the review it’s worth stating that at this point, Jess went quiet reading the book, occasionally telling me a weird fact or story. So, I guess that counts as a good review, if it can hold her attention this well.

You can find the book at all good bookstores and on Amazon HERE.

There’s also a great game at where you can bob your face onto one of several of the weird photos from the book. Just like this… er…


So… er… try that too if you’d like.

No that isn’t the sexiest I’ve ever been. Shush.

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