REVIEW – Chaffree Boxer Shorts

Posted: Nov 9, 2015 in fashion, Fitness, knickers, pants, Review, sexy
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Ahem. Excuse me. Hello. I’m reviewing some underpants today.


These are Chaffree Mens Boxer Shorts made from COOLMAX (Their caps lock, not mine) Performance Fabric and are SPECIAL (My caps lock, not theirs).

Why are they special, I hear you ask.

“Breathable, Anti-Bacterial, wicking fabric with an inbuilt moisture management system designed to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.”
…which in layman’s terms means you’re not going to over boil your meat and two veg if you decide to do anything too strenuous, like if you do the washing up, or play a playstation game until 3am, or run to the bus stop at 7:23am because you stayed up until 3am playing a playstation game.


Here are some pants.

So, they’re pants that don’t leave you with a stinky crotch, they also help to reduce skin irritation and chafing (see their company name, yeah). The shorts are virtually seamless and have no labels to make you itch, so you’ve got absolutely no excuse for scratching your bum in the McDonalds queue.


Pants modelling action pose!

The boxers are made of fancy stuff that on close inspection looks a lot like Spider-Man’s symbiote costume from Spider-Man 3, and they feel really light and soft. The packaging states this is ‘Underwear so comfortable you’ll have to check you put it on!’
I just checked, and yes, I am still wearing them.
They kinda feel like a mixture of swimming trunks and cycling shorts, and they have an EXTENDED WIDE COTTON GUSSET. That’s good, I assume.

The feel of the boxers is described as ‘second skin‘ and I would agree if my skin wasn’t hairy and lumpy and rubbish. They’re designed to keep you cool too, and while this may be an advantage if you’re doing exercise or whatever, I’ve been out in the cold today and well… its a cold day. Brrr.

One other thing to bear in mind too, is that these pants do happen to have a fairly minor flaw, which probably only really affects people who are taking photos with a flash when reviewing these pants. You see, if you take a photo with the flash, well, they kinda go see through.

Avert your eyes if you’re squeamish or easily aroused.


I did warn you.

I apologise, but this photo does give you a good look at the stretchy Spider-Man fabric stuff. Really, you’re not going to have major issues with these pants unless you’re working in just your pants in the arctic in a strobe light factory. Which is almost 80% unlikely.

You can get these boxers in sizes Small-2XL (28″ up to a waist size of 56″) and these ones are the long leg (7″) version, a 4″ version is also available. You can also get a variety of colours too, although I’m not allowed to wear any colour except black says the missus.

Oh, I remembered another downside to these pants. I’m not sure if it is the fancy smoothness of the material or the fact that they pull my tummy in a bit, but wearing these results in my trousers falling down. Which is not at all funny, no it isn’t.

I like these pants. They are quite literally pants.

If you wanna have a look at getting yourself a pair of these (they also do a couple of different types for girls, if you are one of those) then head across to the Chaffree website, or pester them on twitter.

And that’s your underpants review. If you enjoyed that, please leave a comment or whatever, and if you don’t want to see what happens when you take of photo with a flash of the front of these pants… you might want to stop scrolling now.








Ok, only the perverts remaining? Here you go then, ladies and gaymens.


Let us never talk of this again.

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  2. Matt stole my comment so I’ll just say you’re an A+ model.

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  3. Matt Clarke says:

    I am incredibly jealous of your massive penis.

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  4. Hey you did not mention that they are handy for storing a ripe banana for when you or the wife gets peckish

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