REVIEW – Ozeri 12″ Green Wok

Posted: Nov 9, 2015 in Fudgecrumpet, Review, sausages
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Hello you, wok’s going on?

Hahahaha. Sigh…

Here is my review of the Ozeri 12″ Green Wok. I’m sorry for that first line, I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t think my Monday morning coffee has kicked in. So, yeah. Look at this picture while I compose myself.

Right. I’m better now. So I’ve reviewed one of these type of pans before, and since you’re an avid reader of all my blog posts (even the rubbish early ones where I share my feelings) you’ll remember how I liked the non-stick coating, the fancy felt pan cover and that you don’t need to use as much heat when cooking. Well, this pan is no different. In fact, the only difference between this wok and the previous pan I reviewed is that this pan is the colour of bogies.



Don’t worry though, just like this pan, I’m not shallow. (Yeahhhh…) and I am perfectly capable of working with pans of colour, this is the 21st century after all.

The nonstick coating is great, and makes cleaning really easy, even for someone who is rubbish at washing up like me. The handle stays nice and cool too, so you won’t accidentally lose the flesh on your hand.

This here pan also has a fancy bottom which means you can use it on an induction hob as well as a proper fire-based-hob-from-the-olden-days.

You can find one of these lovely pans HERE and then you can use it to make sausages. Also, most of the negative Amazon reviews on there seem to be from people who don’t read instructions for frying pans. You ALWAYS read the instructions for frying pans.


Not sure if I should make a habit of ending all my reviews with a sausage pic. Hm…

There. My pan review. This took me three weeks to write. Well done, me.

  1. Those sausages look a bit on the small side, I’d much rather have a large sausage as seen in your last review ~


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