Fudgey’s Misguided Erotic Story Contest

Posted: Nov 13, 2015 in Competition, sex, sexy
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Hello everyone. Here’s a bit of a contest for you.

I want to read your Erotic Stories. No particular reason, I just think it’d be fun.

UPDATE – Watch the erotic stories and vote for your favourite now HERE!


So, yeah, send me your 100 word erotic tales to fudgeymail@gmail.com (nothing too freaky or illegal)

I’ll read all the suitable non-illegal stories out on YouTube in my best knicker-moistening accent, then you lot will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite and then there’ll be a prize that I haven’t decided upon yet (something daft and/or awesome)

So, get your filthy prose sent my way (closing date… er… oh i dunno, next Thursday, 19th November) and let’s get the internet all erect and uncomfortable.

Woo fun.

**EDIT – If you go just over 100 words I won’t check.


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