Fudgey’s Misguided Erotic Short Story Contest – The Videos!

Posted: Nov 23, 2015 in Fudgecrumpet

Evening all.

So… the entries for my erotic short story contest have come in, and I’ve gone and made a fool out of myself reading them out loud on the YouTube, so now it’s just down to you lot to go and vote on your favourite.

So, without further ado, I present the videos, handily organised into a playlist so you don’t have to do too much clicking.

Now, to vote for the winner, that’s the important bit because there is an actual prize (which is still a surprise, even to me. Which is what you get when you have cheeky mysterious fans who send you stuff – more about them in a later post, they’ve asked not to be directly linked with a filthy erotic contest, which is fair).

So, fill in the poll below to do your vote, I’d ask that you only do one entry each, but I know some of you are cheeky and eager to help your mates win so just be fair with each other. I’ll publish all the names of the entrants in the final post when we declare the winner and such, when voting ends at 23:59 on 30TH NOVEMBER 2015. Good luck, and please wash your hands.


Oh, and I’m sorry about my face and voice and whatever ruining the erotic experience for you. Yeah, I know it didn’t really. See ya later x

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  3. […] Fudgey’s Misguided Erotic Short Story Contest – The Videos! […]


  4. stapleheaduk says:

    1 – I thought you would do these in funny voices.
    2 – I never thought I’d have to hear you say ‘his cock twitched in anticipation.’


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