Fudgey’s Misguided Erotic Short Story Contest – The Results!

Posted: Dec 3, 2015 in Competition
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Hiya, sorry it’s been so long getting anything typed up on here, I’ve been so busy being a real life grown up person, I’ve not got anything awesome done. (Although I did eat half a tin of corned beef yesterday as penance).

So, the results for the erotic short story contest, well, we have a clear winner, so over to Olly Murs and Caroline Fludge with the results…


So, the winner is… Jami Bongotrip (not her real name), with a clear majority of 31% of the votes (obviously not because she did more nagging on twitter than anyone else, NO.) with entry number 15…

Need a reminder? Of course you do, you’re old…

Right, happy? Good. I don’t know what the prize is yet, as I am waiting for my super secret helpers to send it along (they don’t want to be associated with amateur terrible soft porn, so I’ll be doing a decent unrelated post for them at some point to pimp them out). When that prize arrives though, I shall bubblewrap it up and get it shipped across to Trinidad, where Jami lives and then cry into my slippers that I had to pay international postage when I really though it’d just be someone local who I could drop the parcel off with on my way to the shops.

Oh, and if you were after a non-video experience of the erotic short stories, maybe you want to read them in church or you want to print them out and laminate them for your special time, then here’s a link for you to download. You’re welcome, yes, I am awesome. No, no it’s fine, you don’t have to pay me, what, set up a Patreon account? Don’t be daft, I’d never ask you guys for money, unless… you… think… I… should… in… which… case… maybe… say… so… in… the… comments… er………

That’s your lot for eroticism for now then. I am going to drink lots of coffee and bounce around the room like a loony. (I have already had three cups since I got home twenty minutes ago. I can smell colours. Blue smells like salami.)

Ta ta.

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