REVIEW – Snoopy and Charlie Brown, The Peanuts Movie Storybook

Posted: January 13, 2016 in book, book review, Kids
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So I was never a fan of Snoopy. I think it could have been that I never knew what exactly Woodstock was, or how everything just seemed super depressing. Maybe it was that all the adults spoke like trumpets, or that face everyone does when they shout. Anyway, given that I really don’t understand the world or characters or mystical pumpkins or whatever, I decided to fob off the review of the new Blue Sky SNOOPY AND CHARLIE BROWN – THE PEANUTS MOVIE Storybook on to Megan, who hasn’t experienced Chuck and his dog in any of his previous incarnations.


It’s worth noting that we haven’t seen the movie yet, and Meg may drop a few spoilers along the way, but I’m sure you’ll be fine. It’s not like it’s Star Wars and she’s revealing that CENSORED gets CENSORED by CENSORED CENSORED with a pickled cucumber.

So, Megan, what is the book about?
The book is about Charlie Brown, who is a little boy and Snoopy, who is his dog. Charlie Brown is clumsy and falls in love with a girl with red hair and he is shy.

What sort of things does Charlie Brown get up to?
He tries to fly his kite but that doesn’t work, and he tries to do a magic show but doesn’t do that, and then he tries to dance and that goes wrong but then the red haired girl comes and asks to be his friend and he is happy.

That all sounds quite sad for Charlie Brown.
He does get sad near the end but then at the end everything is OK.

What about Snoopy, what does he do?
Snoopy helps Charlie Brown do his magic show and then he teaches him how to dance.

What other characters are in the book?
Charlie Brown has lots of friends, but they don’t do much. He has a little sister too that needs help in the talent show where she is a cowgirl.

Is the book easy to read?
(Meg is 6, year 1 of school, in case that helps as a reference)
I thought it was easy to read, there wasn’t too much writing on each page and there weren’t any hard words.

Do you think you could read this on your own?
Yes because I. Am. AWESOMMMME.

Do you think the storybook could have been longer, because I think there is a lot of stuff from the movie missing from the book.
I think the story about Charlie Brown was the most important one so maybe that’s why they didn’t do all the movie. I wanted to read more about Snoopy though.

How about the pictures, does the book look nice?
I think they are pictures from the movie, they all look very nice and colourful and you can tell what everyone is doing.

Charlie Brown has been around for ages, in comics and old cartoons, would you like to read more or see the cartoons?
I think so. I think the book was funny so I think I would enjoy it. Do you have any of them, Daddy?
No. No I don’t.

Does the book make you want to go and see the movie?
Yes. Can we get McDonalds after?
Maybe. Ask your mum.
Mummy! Daddy says we can have a McDonalds!

Good grief.

Snoopy & Charlie Brown – The Peanuts Movie storybook is 32 pages long, in paperback and has an RRP of £4.99
You can pick it up from Amazon HERE.


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