My Fairly Ridiculous Crowdfunder Idea

Posted: Feb 10, 2016 in Fudgecrumpet
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Hello sexy, how are you?

Good. Sit on the comfy sofa, I have an idea I want to share with you, and it may be bloody stupid, a bit cheeky, generally daft, but hear me out.

I want you to help me have a bit of a mad week, based around Disney’s ridiculously overblown cash cow. No, not Star Wars. The other one. NO. Not Marvel. The OTHER one. Disney’s Frozen.


You see, it can’t have avoided your attention that Disney’s Frozen merchandise, branded food and the like have taken over our supermarkets, bargain stores and markets, filling the shelves with the smug faces of Elsa, Anna and that fucking bastard snowman, Olaf.

Well, my proposal is to spend a week living on ONLY Disney Frozen products, brushing my teeth with Frozen toothpaste, eating Frozen cereal, wiping my bum with Frozen baby wipes. You get the idea.

Obviously with the babby due in 2 months I don’t have the spare funds to indulge in my creative whims, and even if I did, I think Gem would kill me if I did. That’s where you come in. I’ve set up a Crowdfunder thing in an attempt to justify my efforts. Crowdfunder basically lets the entire internet donate a small amount towards projects, charities and such. There are rewards for any willing donors, in this case I’m whoring out blog posts for folk who chip in a tenner or sending out my surplus Frozen tat for anyone who donates a stupid amount of money.

Now, I’ve set the target amount at £500 because not only will I have to substitute all my food, I’m hoping to go the whole hog and get toothbrushes, underpants and all sorts, and quite possibly this is gonna work through the budget fairly quickly. Hopefully if I hit my target I should be able to produce a video or two with some actual production quality rather than the usual shonky (albeit awesome) stuff that you’re used to.
Just to show I’m serious about the idea though, and not just making a half-arsed cashgrab, the crowdfunder is set as ‘all or nothing’, so if not enough people think the project is a good enough reason to waste their beer money on, well, that’s that. Nobody will have to fork out, and the whole shebang idea gets dumped into the same bin as my second book or my line of Quantum Sheep merchandise.

So, if you like this here idea, please have a look at the crowdfunder page, obviously I dont expect you to mortgage your kidneys for my benefit, but if you just pledge a quid, that would help get me closer to my total, and the inevitable madness that would ensue.

Oh, and even if you think this is the worst idea ever, please share it about all over the Internet. Someone out there might think this is a fun idea. The mad fools.


  1. I’m so sad I can’t comment


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