DANGEROUS OTTER PILLOW!!!!!!!!! (from Snapfish)

Posted: Feb 20, 2016 in photoshop, Product review, Review, Review
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No, you’re overexcited with your blog titles. Shush. Exclamation marks are the new black.

I gots me an awesome new cushion from Snapfish, the internet’s bestest of all the photo printing people (you can quote me on the advert if you want.)

Unbiased review? I got me a cushion with a dangerous otter on it, how can I be unbiased?

Look at it! LOOK! AT! IT!



So, yeah, this review was supposed to be a Valentines post, pimping out Snapfish‘s amazing range of Valentines-related products, but then I got distracted by real life and things (work, Dad-ing, doing the washing up) and never got round to it. Fortunately for me, the Valentines present I got for Gem was a cushion with a dangerous otter on it, and that can be adapted to any situation.

Ordering from Snapfish is really easy, you basically upload all your photos to their server, stick them in an appropriate album, then choose the product you want to create, be it an awesome photo cushion (I was tempted to do one with my face on, so Gem had something to snuggle with when I’m at work or something, but then I decided that was just creepy and weird and the otter one is better anyway), coasters, photo books or all manner of random things that you wouldn’t normally expect a photo of your choice to appear on.

Cushions are available in two sizes, small (11″x11″) and large (17″x17″). I chose the large one because I have a big head which needs support. Items arrive within 7 days, and my postman didn’t understand why I was so excited when he came. In fact, I think he was quite frightened.

Although, it’s an otter with a handgun, I’d be frightened too.

Snapfish is surprisingly good value compared to a lot of other sites too, and runs regular promotions, offering as much as 60% off some products (at the moment it seems to be 60% off canvas wall art, but I’m not allowed to order any of that because Gem doesn’t think I have very good taste in posters – she made me sell my big A1 Transformers poster that took up half the living room wall, because ‘I am a grown up’) as well as student discount of 50% on all products, which is as good an excuse as any to continue your education.

So, head across to Snapfish now, and see if you can’t get as awesome a cushion as I did.
After tweeting photos of my dangerous otter, I made a hamster with a flick-knife cushion for my good pal @Morrigan_Roars on twitter, and she keeps telling me how awesome it is, even though it isn’t as good as my otter.

And that’s the story of my dangerous otter cushion.

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