The #BeYou Project

Posted: Feb 20, 2016 in charity, Competition, Fudgecrumpet
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Hello again,

So, you probably think, having read all my twitter posts and blog posts and such that I’m pretty weird, and you seem to be OK with that. I mean, you never invite me to parties or whatever, but that’s FINE. The thing is, a lot of people on the internet are bloody idiots and like to do a bit of bullying of people who are a bit different.


You’ve probably seen a bit of bullying online, it’s fairly common, teasing someone because they have weird beliefs or dress weird, or just making fun of someone because of who they are. Well, Treaclemoon (they make fancy shower gel and body wash and that) and their charity partner BulliesOut have started the #BeYou campaign, trying to put an end to that kind of nonsense. They’re encouraging all you lovely people to just be yourselves, post all manner of daft stuff on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, showing you at your best, worst and just generally your most genuine. You should be doing that anyway, but if you can help a good cause by just being your regular awesome self, then you should definitely do that.

There’s a video too. So, here you go.

So, what I’m gonna tell you to do is to tweet a photo of yourself doing something that you feel is unique and/or daft. I want you to tag both me (@fudgecrumpet, obvs) and @Treaclemoon_UK and bob the hashtag #BeYou in there too. If I can get a whole bunch of you lot to do that, not only will it make me feel like I’m internet famous, but it’ll also help promote a good cause that I know you believe in. (Unless you’re an internet bully, in which case you probably want to stop doing that. No, seriously, I’m the boss and you need to not do that.) If you go and do that, you get entered into a prize draw at Treaclemoon’s end, where you can win some fancy Treaclemoon goodies or #BeYou merch! Go and do that now then.

Also, take a look at the #BeYou project site, where you can get awesome merchandise and find out more about this very good cause. You can also, unrelated to the good cause obviously, make your own Treaclemoon style bottle of fancy shower gel. I’d share mine, but I made it much too rude.

Want to get a free 30-day trial at, the interweb’s bestest talking book site (you can quote me on the advert if you’d like)? Click HERE and go and do that. You can cancel at any time if you want, or spend the rest of your life listening to people read books while you drive your car or perform life-altering surgery or do the washing up. So, go and do that. Ta.

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