Fudgey Does Fitness/Trail Running

Posted: Mar 5, 2016 in Fitness, Fudgecrumpet
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You all know me, I’m not exactly that Insane Bolt fella, I’m not a runner. I think my most strenuous athletic feat to date was when I had to press Z and X rapidly to make Daley Thompson run really fast on the ZX Spectrum.

Still, when offered the chance to do a bit of Trail Running, and, with the motivation of a lovely email lady telling me what to do, a few visits to the gym too.whatistrailrunning

The plan was to spend the month of January, that dreadful month when everyone attempts to shed those Turkey pounds, doing outdoor trail running (exploiting the hilly Huddersfield landscape that sits outside my back window.) and then visiting the gym to do some miles on the treadmill. Now, I started late, so this instead is my chronicle of my trail running journey in February, when I expected the gym to be less busy and the weather to be a tiny bit less unpleasant.

With the help of Sportshoes.com and their TRAIL RUNNING HUB, a handy guide full of videos and information which goes into sooooo much detail on how, where, why, who and when (maybe not who, depends on the context I suppose) and some fancy Salomon trail running shoes, I ran. I ran so much, round the woods, round Beaumont Park (I found an abandoned train line and had to stop to read all the incredibly dull information boards that were there for nobody to find), I made the dog hide because he didn’t want to go running. So much running, in possibly the coldest February since February was invented. I imagine running in Summer is something to look forward to, as wading through mud and having nipples that could start a swordfight are not the most fun activities.

Oh, and I did running with a camera strapped to my head. Because that’s the kind of commitment you, as a reader, demand…

The gym was just as much fun, and the guy that did my induction was impressed with my shoes so I felt like I was cool. Running in the gym was easier, but less interesting than the outdoor trail running, although the opportunity to blank my mind and just run was nice. I think until the weather warms up a little, the gym will be my only running venue. However, in summer, I don’t think I could stand to be in such a humid, sweat-smelling room for longer than I needed to.

So, all in all, my running adventure is continuing, the dog has started to fake his bad leg limp whenever I go for my fancy shoes, and I am looking forward to the nice weather so I can start doing some real distance without sinking in a mud pit like in that episode of Knight Rider (although I think that was Quicksand, GOOD GOD Quicksand terrified me when I was a kid. In Dewsbury. Where there isn’t even slow sand.)

Right, check out that Trail Running hub for all your running tips and hints, and if you want to see how I got on with my run, have a look at this here fitness diary that the nice email lady made me fill in.


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