REVIEW – Supertato Veggies Assemble

Posted: March 7, 2016 in book, book review, Fudgecrumpet
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Everyone loves a superhero team up, but what happens when your favourite superhero is a potato, facing an army of evil defrosted peas? Who will step out of the vegetable rack to save him?

Well, there’s a paragraph I’ve never typed before. Hello, welcome to my review of SUPERTATO – VEGGIES ASSEMBLE, the new book by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet.

Naturally, I got the kids in to help with the review, because they had an hour off working down t’pit and they were complaining about being bored.


FUDGEY – What’s the book about then?
MEGAN (6) – SUPERTATO! He is a Super Potato who has to fight some evil peas.
JESSICA (11) – There are too many peas though so he has to call his Veggie Superhero friends to help him.

FUDGEY – What kinds of Veggie Superheroes are there?
MEGAN – Corn on the cob, a tomato-
JESSICA – …who isn’t a vegetable. Also there is a marrow and a butternut squash.

FUDGEY – I thought peas were good for you, why are these ones so bad?
JESSICA – The Evil Pea turns off the freezer and they defrost and go bad.
MEGAN – They bully all the other food in the supermarket because there are so many of them.

FUDGEY – It all sounds very exciting. Is it hard to read, Meg?
MEGAN – I thought it was easy to read and the pictures were really good.
JESSICA – It is definitely for younger children, around Megan’s age. I still enjoyed it though, because it is really funny and daft.

FUDGEY – So the pictures are good?
MEGAN – The pictures are AWESOME!
JESSICA – They are really colourful and bright and even though they’re simple cartoons they’re full of details.

FUDGEY – Would you recommend this to all your friends?
MEGAN – Definitely yes.
JESSICA – Maybe not all of them. Just the silly ones. This is your sort of book, isn’t it, Dad?

FUDGEY – Yeah, this is my kind of silly.
MEGAN – You’re a silly man.
JESSICA – You’re a silly potato.

FUDGEY – Back down t’pit, the pair of ya! Oh, but first, marks out of ten?
MEGAN – Eighty Seven Hundred Million out of Ten.
JESSICA – I give it Seven out of Ten because it is good but really for a younger age range.

You can find Supertato – Veggies Assemble on Amazon and in all good bookstores.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, this silly potato has some cheeky children to tickle…


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