Posted: Mar 12, 2016 in Competition, Fan Art, Fudgecrumpet
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Hello you funky fresh rabbits, want to win a set of tickets to the Hogsozzle music festival? It’s a ridiculous event full of music, food and fancy dress shenanigans, based in Hertford, just outside of London…


So, not only do you get to listen to all sorts of funky music that I don’t recognise the names of any of the bands (although that’s nothing new, my musical knowledge starts in 1994 and ends in 2001, basically from Mr Blobby through to James Blunt, yeah, I know.), but you’ve got all sorts of festival fancy dress silliness going on, culminating on a massive BIG PIG PAINT FIGHT, which quite frankly looks bloody bonkers.

Here’s a look at last year’s nonsense…

Now, I wanted to go to this, but real life gets in the way, instead, I want to live vicariously through you, with a set of 4 free tickets so you can take all of your friends and a fourth person to engage in the madness.

How do you win? Is it a complicated quiz? Do I have to do a lot of stupid social media stuff using Rafflecopter? No. None of that. It’s a colouring in and drawing competition.

See this here picture…

…I want you to take this black and white picture, and put me in some sort of ridiculous scenario. The theme of Hogsozzle’s fancy dress this year is CHILDHOOD DREAM, so if you can put me in some sort of dreamlike situation, you’re probably gonna stand more of a chance of winning.

Send your fully decorated and coloured in (you don’t have to be a professional colourist or artist, I will not be judging purely on artistic merit) picture to (get in touch via Facebook or Twitter if you can’t work a scanner and want to post it instead) and I will decide which one is the bestest of the bestestest. Include your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS with your entry so I don’t need to nag you if/when you win.

The competition closes on 1st April at tea-time, a fitting date for such foolish nonsense, I’m sure you’ll agree. Judge’s decision is final, the winner will be contacted by email, you can only enter once each. All the usual terms and conditions.

So, good luck and make sure to tidy up all your pens when you’ve finished or mum will be furious.

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