One of the most important thing when you’re trying to pimp out your slowly (much too slowly) blog, or small business is getting the word out that you exist. Without some way of making sure people know you’re there and not just a figment of your imagination is if you shove something into their face to tell them YOU’RE REAL.

Now, the internet is all good at doing that if you try hard enough, get your SEO rating good, nag on Twitter and Facebook until your face turns blue, but that only affects internet people, and everyone knows they’re fickle and quite possibly make-believe.

If it’s real life people you want to see your stuff, use your wares, tell their friends about that time you reviewed a Ghostbusters costume by referencing a cult YouTube series that nobody else has seen, they’re not gonna remember your website if you shout it at them, and asking for their email address or twitter username in a public place is just a bit weird or awkward. No, you need to hand them something physical so they can remember your name, and it’s gotta look cool. Well, these here Impakt Colour Core Business Cards are just the ticket to getting people looking at your shizzle, going ooh and in an ideal world, telling their mum all about how cool you are.

Impakt Colour Core

How’d ya like those apples? All the funky.

So these cards are really thick, the outer edge (the aforementioned colour core) is an Intense Red and there’s printing on both sides. These are proper decent cards, not the sort of thing you’d find in many phone boxes, if phone boxes still exist nowadays.

Here’s the flip side of the card and a decent view of the colour core, but you gotta promise me you won’t go ringing me up at silly o’ clock, not unless you have important news about breakthroughs in hover cars or whatever…
20160313_212454Forgive the ‘artistic’ angle, I wanted to show off the colour core in all it’s glory, and that seemed the best way to do it. I think from this photo you can see just how thick the cards are too. You could theoretically use these to fix your wonky table leg if need be, and I’m pretty sure you have a dozen or so in your jacket pocket you’d be able to take a bullet without so much as a bruise (This may be an exaggeration, and I am not going to test it any time soon, I hope).

The artwork, while based on the funky look of this here website, is completely handled by Auraprint’s team of mystical wizards, although they can work with artwork provided by you. Proofs are sent via email as PDFs for you to check out, and if you’re a fussy bugger (like what I am), they tweak and fiddle with the design until you’re completely happy before the final product is produced. You have options for lamination, a whole host of different flavours of colour core, and there’s probably a host of other things you could probably ask for if you can think of them.

20160229_154912So, these cards are pretty amazing. Price-wise, you’re on a good deal too. For 250 of these cards, my quote was just over 70 quid, obviously you’d have different costs based on what options you choose, but that seems pretty reasonable for cards so sturdy you could build a house for otters out of (not sure if they’re waterproof though, so they may have to be strictly land-based otters). The cards are shipped by courier upon completion (with order tracking all the way through the design, printing and shipping process) and when they arrived at my house they came in a fancy pink box full of tissue paper, leading Gem to think I had ordered her some fancy knickers.

Oh, and did I forget to mention, Auraprint are based in Huddersfield, just down the road from McDonalds. That instantly puts them in the same sort of cool league as me, as I am also based in Huddersfield, albeit nowhere near to McDonalds.  This is probably for the best, because not only would I get fat on McDonalds, I’d never be able to leave the house on match days because traffic gets horrible round there.

So, I’ve convinced you to go and order some of these cards for your online pottery business? your pseudo-erotic massage business? your etsy store selling googly-eyed candles with angry faces? Then head across to Auraprint now and tell them I said Hi. That won’t get you a discount or anything, I just like people to remember me.


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