Fudge’s Not-Disney Movie Fun #1 “Frozen”

Posted: Mar 16, 2016 in Disney, Fudgecrumpet, Movie, movie, Movie Night
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A wise man once said “All the good names are taken” (well actually it was a genderless robot in a Transformers comic) and you quite often find movies sharing the same name, yet being completely different in tone, style and story.

So, when you type in a movie’s name into Netflix search or whatever, you might occasionally end up with the wrong movie. So, what happens when you watch the wrong movie? What happens when you type in ‘Frozen’ and instead of a delightful magical family romp with disgustingly catchy songs you end up with some something else? Something… much darker. That’s what I’m here to delve into that murky world of horrible movies that share their name with your kids’ family favourites.

Let’s have a look at Frozen…

Frozen (2013)
Based loosely on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow QueenFrozen follows Queen Elsa as she comes to terms with her magical ice powers, and Princess Anna as she attempts to unfreeze the country while also having man issues. There’s a talking snowman who you hate because you are a grown up.

-A young Princess Anna asks a young Princess Elsa if she wants to build a snowman, in song.
-Princess Anna meets Prince Hans and they sing a song and decide to get married, in song.
-Queen Elsa runs off to the mountains and builds a castle, in song.
-There is a talking snowman who you hate because you are a grown up. He sings.

Frozen (2010)

A trio of student types (two guys, one girl) blag their way onto the last ski-lift of the week in attempt to get their money’s worth from their budget skiing vacation. Various mishaps occur and the ski-lift stops with them dangling halfway up the mountain.
As the cold and other factors take their toll, they begin to take more and more desperate risks in an attempt to survive. There is no singing.

-One of the trio jumps down from the ski lift, snaps his legs and then gets eaten by wolves.
-The girl, having removed a glove for some reason, rips all her hand skin off, after it freezes to the ski-lift handle.
-The remaining guy manages to get down from the ski-lift but also gets eaten by wolves.

-There is snow
-There is a mountain
-Queen Elsa has ice powers, Shawn Ashmore played Iceman in the X-Men movies, and he had ice powers. Although he was never seen building a castle, creating life or making himself a pretty dress.
-There are wolves. They are scary.

So, that was fun, lemme know if you liked this by leaving a comment or whatever. There are a good few more horrible movies that share their name with Disney classics out there, so if you enjoyed this I have plenty more to work with.

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