Nutriplan’s 28-Day Detox Plan

Posted: Mar 27, 2016 in Fitness, food, Fudgecrumpet
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Hey there folks, remember how you said I looked a bit tired and rubbish? No, of course you don’t, you think I’m awesome. But if I DID look a bit tired and rubbish, you’d probably recommend I go on one of those detox things, like fitness people do, or celebrity ladies with little bottoms.

Well, it just so happens that Nutriplan are offering a fantastic new way to detox, without the faff of going out of your way to research and buy your own fancy ingredients and supplements.

nutriSo, in some kind of half-arsed impression of Brad Pitt in the movie Sesevenen, you’ll be screaming “What’s in the box? Is it my wife’s head? Tell me Kevin Spacey! Tell me so I can go home and read the paper on the toilet!” or something along those lines. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

So, what better way to describe what’s in the box then by letting the people who know what they’re on about do a little picture…

I got send a couple of the ‘Tea-tox’ teas to try, and they weren’t that bad. I’m not much of a fancy tea drinker, it’s usually Yorkshire Tea for me (Milk, no sugar, ta), but this Morning Tea-Tox and Bedtime Tea-Tox were ok. Admittedly I did pull a face on my first taste, and described it as dirty dishwater, but it turns out I just didn’t leave the tea bag in long enough. Second time round, it was actually quite pleasant and I think I felt better from actually drinking it.
Anyway, this is what I had…
20160302_150544.jpgI haven’t a clue what half those ingredients are (except Orange Peel, I know what Orange Peel is) but what you end up with is a nice hot beverage that tastes like you’d think something healthy should. Like I said before, I tried to make it like a normal cup of tea, when I should have followed the instructions and left the bag in for about 10 minutes before drinking. Still, on my second go I didn’t pull a face, and was quite impressed.

So, how much does this whole detox plan thing cost? Given that you’re getting a whole load of ingredients, milkshake mixes, teas, a bunch of superfoods (berries and that), all packaged up with specific instructions for when to eat things, written by proper nutritionist types and not just Gem putting a dinner rota on the fridge.

Well, for the basic Bronze 28-day package, you’re paying £59. This is 8 different products, including milkshakes, teas and ketones (no idea what that is, you probably do)
Silver, with over 25 products, is £79 and Gold, £99 has everything in it, 30 products including the teatox teas that I tried.

Also, because I know you really love me, if you go to the Nutriplan website and click on the little ‘Deal’ tab on the right of the page, you can get yourself 10% off your order. Which is awesome.

Get following them on Instagram too, they post photos of milkshakes and inspiration and that. Yay.

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