Review – Randomise Party Game

Posted: Mar 27, 2016 in Fudgecrumpet, funky nonsense, funny, Kids, make life fun
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Describe to me a helpful manatee flipping pancakes? No? OK…

Act our a famous leprechaun throwing a javelin? Give up? Right…

Draw an obnoxious koala travelling back in time.

Sounds like a bunch of mad challenges, right? Well, these are all things for you to describe, act out or draw in RANDOMISE, a party game that combines Pictionary, Charades and Articulate/Taboo, but takes things to an absurd, abstract, awesome new level of nonsense.


Soooooo… what you’ve got here is a party game for two teams (The box says 4+ players, ages 8+), that consists of 3 sets of cards. I’d describe them to you, but that’d be really boring, so here, have a look at a picture.
OK? Good. So, if it was your turn you take an A, B and C card, and the opposing team chooses a number 1-3. You then read across cards A, B and C and either…

Describe the plump unicorn ballet dancing, obviously without using the words ‘plump’, ‘unicorn’ or ‘ballet dancing’ (30 seconds time limit);
Act out the plump unicorn ballet dancing, like charades (60 seconds time limit)
Draw the plump unicorn ballet dancing, without any text (90 seconds time limit)

All sounds very sensible and that, doesn’t it. Well, it’s harder than it seems.

Here’s a few instagram pics and vids I took when I got round to playing it at my parents’ house with the kids…

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Dad describing a nervous anteater doing yoga @randomisegame

A post shared by al terry (@fudgecrumpet) on

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Dad's 'Big Parrot Ice Skating' @randomisegame

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My Shocked Snail Blowing Bubbles @randomisegame

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All in all, a fantastically fun, yet simple game. You do need to have your own stopwatch (although who doesn’t have a phone with a stopwatch?), but to be honest, after the first few rounds we just gave up on time limits and just let people guess until they couldn’t guess any more.

As with most party card games nowadays, there are a few blank cards included, should you want to make your own random situations to describe (yeah, you can write willy or bum on it if you want) and there are alternative suggestions on how to play included in the box.

I highly recommend this game, not only because it is incredibly fun, mad and funny; but also because I’m not allowed to play Cards Against Humanity with the kids yet (because Gem is mean).

You can find this game for sale HERE and more information about the game at

You can also follow the people behind this nonsense on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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