Oh Haiiii there,

Yeah, I’m just walking along, minding my own business. Oh, oh THIS bag? Why yes, it is rather nifty, isn’t it?


Yes, it’s a Trabasack Mini, a laptop/tablet case that doubles up as a tray with a lovely little pillow so you can do tabley things without one of those pesky tables!

Those pesky bloody tables. Grrr.


So, what you’ve got is a 14″ laptop or tablet bag (which my laptop is too big for so mainly I use it for crisps), one side of which is a hard tray, the other a lovely bean bag cushion, so… if you find yourself on a train, and all those bloody old people with their suitcases that apparently  need chairs have taken the chairs with the table, you won’t have a problem.

Here is me, taking full advantage of the trabasack to get some important work done.
See! The Trabasack sits comfortably on my knee!
See! The apple and juice resting neatly on the tray without falling off!
See! I need a haircut really bad!

The Trabasack is also especially good if you have mobility issues, in a wheelchair or whatever, and means you can use your laptop on your knee without it getting all hot and sweaty down there. Nobody likes sweaty knees. There isn’t even a section for it on p*rnhub, which shows how much nobody likes it, because there are sections on there for everything. EVERYTHING.

The strap that comes with the bag is multipurpose, so you can carry the Trabasack as a sexy manbag, or as a backpack or however else you want to carry it. I don’t know. I’m not a bag expert.

There are a bunch of different Trabasack options available too on Trabasack.com, including the Trabasack Mini (above), Mini Connect (works with Velcro so you can attach extra stuff on), Curve (with a larger, more ergonomic design – ideal for wheelchair use), Curve Connect and Max (up to 15.6″ of laptop can fit in here, and it’s bloomin’ massive). There’s free UK postage and the guy that makes them is called Duncan, which is a great name.

So, as you can see, I highly recommend this product, which Megan keeps trying to steal off me so she can fill it with her toys, because that’s what she does with every single bag and box I bring home.

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