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Posted: Apr 15, 2016 in Patent Nonsense, Product review, Random Blogness
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It’s me.

Good. Glad we sorted that out.

I apologise for the lack of posts lately, been super busy getting ready for the new babby. Won’t be long though, she’s due tomorrow and I am extremely confident that she will be as efficient and punctual as I am. Oh, wait…

Anyway, this past fortnight has been fairly weird, as I have somehow been recruited by a bunch of Chinese businesses to write Amazon reviews in exchange for free products.

Now, whatever you think of this as a business practice, I’m not complaining as firstly, I’m getting sent loads of stuff; secondly, Amazon reviews are really easy to write (because nobody I know will ever read them); and thirdly, the stuff I’m getting sent is just random enough to write about on here.

Go on then, ask me what I’ve received from the Chinese people…

I’ll tell you anyway…

1. Virtual Reality glasses
Basically google cardboard but made of plastic, I got two of these…imageimage

2. Pocket Spy Camera


3. Fancy Microphone for on top of a digital camera (I don’t have)


4. A USB fan on a suction cup


5. A moisture meter


Which at least gave me a nice GIF for you to use on twitter next time I post a selfie…


6. Some screwdrivers for XBox/PS4 controllers


7. Floaty wrist straps for a waterproof camera


8. A non-surgical facelift kit


Which had mixed results…



9. A stretchy fitness belt


10. A clock mechanism


Which at least allowed me to make this…


11. A rechargable battery for an e-cigarette


12. A battery tester


13. Extendable ID badge clips


So, yeah, that’s your lot. Oh, I also got a bag of earphone earbuds and some fitbit charger wires but I didn’t take a photo of those and I can’t find them. You know what they look like.

I’m due more of this random crap today (in fact, it’s showing up daily) so if you want to see more lists of spurious shit, this is the place to come.

Feel free to be in touch if you think I could MacGuyer anything cool out of this stuff, and tell your friends how lovely I am on facebook, instagram and twitter.

If you like this sort of thing and want to support future silliness, why not buy me a coffee?

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