Quickie Review – TechElec SP-X Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones

Posted: Apr 21, 2016 in bluetooth, Fudgecrumpet, music, Product review, Review
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Right then, time for a couple of quickie reviews, just to pass the time while the kids are in dance class and I have nothing interesting to talk about. (In real life, I’m still waiting for my daughter to be born, currently 5 days late emerging from Gem’s party zone, feels like it’s been 3 weeks since Saturday)


In other news, I also had a haircut.

First off, TechElec’s SP-X  Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones.

I’ve reviewed more bluetooth headphones on here than I can count (actually, it’s 4) and there’s really never been much to choose between them all. All have had their pros and cons, some take forever to get to stay in your ear, others make a horrible squishy noise when they go in, others have pisspoor range.

This set, designed primarily for folk who like to do a bit of running or exercising seem to be the best set I’ve received so far. They have the bendy ear things to go over your ears, along with the angled ear buds that stay nice and snug in your ears.

Sound quality is excellent, my only criticism is that compared to my other bluetooth headphones, these are so much louder. I nearly had a car crash while listening to the Chaos and Theory podcast and my phone’s notification tone (currently set as the Inception trombone noise) kicked in and I was bloody terrified.

The headphones charge from USB, and come with possibly the shortest USB charger lead ever (at best it’s 10cm long), and I’ve been using them while washing up for the past week (I have become something of a domestic goddess while of work waiting for baby to emerge) and I have only charged them once. Now, you should know from following me on Twitter that I take bloody ages to do washing up, so I think that’s a good indication of the headphone’s battery life. Range wise, I’ve only gone so far as from the living room to the kitchen, but there’s no loss of signal, and really if you’re doing your thing and running or whatever, you’re not going to go far from your phone. So there’s that.

Oh, and they work well as a handsfree kit too. But nobody ever phones me. Sad face emoji.

Anyway, these are decent headphones and there’s no issue getting these to stay attached to your head. You can find out more on TECHELEC’s website, and buy yourself a pair on Amazon.

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