Baby Deadpool Onesie from Tostadora

Posted: Apr 26, 2016 in awesome, comics, funky nonsense, Product review, rant, Review, ribena
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I promised you a couple of reviews by my new blogging partner (and daughter), Darcey and when have I ever let you down? Apart from that time. And that time. Just shut up. Look, it’s a baby in a Deadpool onesie. LOOK!


Cute, yeah? Of course she is, I made her using my skills and genes and skills (twice as many skills as genes). And penis.

The Deadpool onesie is from Tostadora, those awesome bods who sell all manner of custom, geeky, funky t-shirts and such for you to wear or for you to dress your newborn baby in to raise the viewer stats on your blog like a goddamn whore because you’ve written nothing really creative for months, like some kind of spent Kinder Surprise Egg, with a smear of chocolate that won’t come off, and it doesn’t taste of chocolate, OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I JUST LICKED?

Apparently I’m the first person to say how awesome Tostadora’s geeky baby range is, so I shall just go ahead and say that. Ctrl-C the middle bit of that sentence and then Ctrl-V it if you’d like. No, that is not cheating, it is providing a meta-interactive experience with one’s readership kind of like in the Deadpool comics which you haven’t read because you only clicked this blog post because you like looking at babies.

This onesie is actually sized 6 months, which is why it is a bit big.  See, This suits my evil schemes though, as in 6 months time, Gem will be having her birthday and will probably be too drunk from all the booze she’s not been drinking for the past 9 months to stop me from dressing Darcey in clothes of my choosing. I plan ahead, like a machivellian genius from space or something.


There’s a whole bunch of different baby onesies on the Tostadora site, with all sorts of mini versions of their main t-shirts designs. There’s also a personalised onesie option if you want to make your own. I chose Deadpool over Ben from Tostadora’s suggestion of a Batman or Superman design because you can get all manner of Supes & Bats stuff from every supermarket or baby shop, in fact you probably saw Darcey in her £5 from Sainsbugs Batman vest in her introductory post. Besides, Gem thinks that Deadpool is a completely inappropriate subject for a tiny child’s item of clothing, and I consider this encouragement.

You can find this exact onesie on the Tostadora site HERE and if you head to their main site you can probably find the grown up t-shirt to match. Gem said I’m not allowed to wear clothes that match the baby. BUT YOU COULD MATCH YOUR BABY.

Anyway, this is less a review than it should be, isn’t it? You want boring stuff? It’s a well-made onesie, with poppers and it is made of fabric and blah blah you know what a baby’s onesie is like and that. Look, I recommend the thing, I post a cute photo of the babbie to get you to read my blog, you have to buy one now. That’s how our little arrangement works. Get it done. Sheesh, you’re hard work tonight. Have you not had your milk?

Have your milk.

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