Hiya, it’s me again.

The Chinese people continue to send me random things to review on Amazon, as seeing as I’m just sat here watching a really boring sleeping baby doing sleeping and nothing interesting, I thought I’d share some more of the nonsense that keeps showing up at a pretty regular rate…

Ready? There’s quite a bit, so bear with me. Or don’t. I’m not massively bothered, you’re getting this for free. Well, unless you buy me a coffee, that would be a nice incentive to be actually entertaining. Look! Look at the monkey dancing from the caffeine rush that he is not able to metabolise correctly! See him fall down the stairs and split open his neck! Laugh! Laugh at the monkey! LAUGH!

Ahem. Sorry.

Right, before I get listing random things, a lot of folk seem to have asked “Wher doz u git al thez wundarfull thnings?”, and usually I avoid answering the question because being mysterious is sexy, and if you start getting crap from chinese people, what the hell am i going to write about when I have nothing to review?

However, I might just nudge you suggestively towards review.directory or Bloggers Required, the latter of which is especially good to sign up to, because I have an affiliate thing with them, so I might get some commission or something.

Oh, and it’s worth pointing out that for some reason, WordPress has issues with me adding any text after all these pictures, so I’m gonna say bye now, in case you were wondering about the post just stopping without any sort of witty joke or awkward ramble.

Bye then.

Oh, and here are the things I got sent…


100 Picture Hooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A couple of extendable pink trekking poles!!!!!



Something I *THINK* is meant to keep cables tidy!!!!



A selection of extending springy string ID tag holders, WITH MATCHING LANYARDS!!!!!!



A roll of Blackboard sticker and some liquid chalk pens!!!!!



ANOTHER clock motor!!!!!!!!!



A selection of zip toggle things!!!!!!!!!!!!






More Drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A collection of springy, smelly, insect repellent bracelets



A potentially illegal knife… although apparently it is for training purposes only, and cannot be sharpened. So it isn’t illegal. Apparently. Guv’nor.




A wire for something or other.



**ANOTHER** clock motor. I have four now.



An in-car camera. Actually quite chuffed with this. It makes a nice sound effect when you turn it on.



A milk frother! For frothing milk! Gem likes this, as it matches the chromey look she wants for the kitchen.



A floppy silicon ice cube tray!!!!!



…with some instructions that may be completely useless.



A fancy pocket watch so I can pretend to be a professor or something!!!!



A selection of non-slip toddler socks!!!!!



A pushchair raincover!!!




A selection of smelly bug-repellent glow in the dark bracelets!!!!!!!!!





and finally, most importantly…A BUDGIE SWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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