Review – The Gro Company Baby Sleeping Bag

Posted: May 7, 2016 in baby, Fudgecrumpet, Product review
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Hi there again, time for another review, with the help of Darcey doing what she is best at, sleeping and being really boring. (Apparently babies stop being boring at around 6 months)

So, today we’re reviewing a GroBag from The Gro Company, an all in one sleeping bag for wiggly babies who refuse to stay put under a sheet when it’s bedtime.


What happens when man breeds with boiled sweet…

So, first off, I really should thank The Gro Company for sending me this about two and a half months before Darcey was born, and then not even nagging once while we waited for her to emerge from her mum’s nethers.

So, that’s my sincerity budget used up for the month, let’s have a look at the thing I have to say nice things about…


This is the Mangenta Ribbons 0-6m 2.5 tog grobag. If you check out the gro company shop you’ll see all sorts of different designs,  as well as a range of different tog values, from 0.5 tog for holidays and heatwaves, through to 3.5 tog for winter time.

The grobag is designed to keep your baby warm, while still giving them plenty of space to move and kick about should they need to. Instead of tucking your baby in at night under a sheet (that they can either kick off or wiggle about until they’re upside down underneath it or whatever) this sleeping bag stays in place thanks to some poppers fastening over the shoulders and under baby’s arms.


There’s a side zip that allows for easy access to baby’s poopy regions should you need to change the nappy or you tell your missus to do it because if you do it you’ll just do it wrong anyway and it’s not worth the ear ache. The end of the zip has a nice little fabric pouch at the end that stops baby getting nipped or grabbing it or whatever babies do when they stop being boring and asleep all the time.

There’s an awful lot of leg room there too, as you can see from the pics, unless your baby has tentacles or stilts, there’s no way they’ll be getting their feet to the end of this. Maybe it’s just this design, but with the stripes and the length it kinda makes Darcey look like an extra from one of Tim Burton’s animated movies.

This 0-6m grobag is recommended for a minimum baby weight of 4kg (which is handily exactly Darcey’s weight when she was born) and a maximum child length of 68cm (I’m not measured Darcey yet, will have to do that later, do you think she’ll be able to hold the tape measure without letting go?

Anyway, this is a lovely product and has actually made our sleepless nights slightly less sleepless from the baby not escaping from under her sheet, getting cold and kicking up a fuss.


This size grobag, and the 6-18m size both come with a free nursery thermometer,which has a guide printed on the back, telling you how to dress your baby before letting it sleep in the grobag. For example, if it’s a warm night, just leave her in a vest before putting her in the sleeping bag. If it’s cold, maybe put her in jim jams as well. Simple stuff, but it’s nice to have that kind of advice written down.


Right then, that’s the grobag review done, in summary, keeps baby at the right temperature, looks awesome and attracts women of a certain age to your blog hoping to see baby photos. All in all, a complete success.

You can buy this particular model of grobag HERE, or check out the gro-store HERE or just find out more about the gro company HERE.

All good. Yay. Time for bed.


I am so tired. If you like this post, you could always buy me a coffee to try and wake me up. Cheers x

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