Quickie Review – August LEC315 LED Lamp

Posted: May 30, 2016 in Fudgecrumpet, Product review, Review
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Another seemingly boring product, another exciting quickie review.

This is lamp. I love lamp.

So what you’ve got here is an August LEC315 LED lamp, with dimmer function, 3 temperature settings and a USB charger.

So, as you can see, I’m using the lamp in the mancave, so clearly I think it’s awesome. Why is it awesome? I’ll tell you.

See these buttons?
20160530_135717That black strip is the dimmer function, I’ve always been a fan of dimmer switches, as one of my friends had dimmer switches in his house and I played with it for a good hour until his mum told me to stop because I had to go home for tea.

I tried to do a little instagram video of the light dimming and brightening up, but my phone is apparently too fancy for it’s own good and every time I changed the lighting level, the camera compensated, leaving it as just a video of the light being the same brightness throughout.

The little ‘recycle’ icon is a button too, allowing you to cycle through the different ‘temperatures’ of light.

You’ve got regular, which is what I normally use.
You’ve got cold, if you want your mancave to look like it’s from the future.
You’ve got warm, if you want your mancave to look like some sort of place for seducing women, despite there being no room, and too many toys about the place.

I took pictures to try and show the difference in light temperatures, but once again, my plans were scuppered by my phone camera being too smartarse for it’s own good. Still, if you have good eyes you can probably tell a difference…

No, I can’t really tell a difference. You kinda have to come and visit me to see it work. Nobody ever visits me. Maybe the promise of getting to see the different temperature settings of my lamp isn’t enough to entice people over for a cup of tea and a biscuit.
Well, that and we don’t actually have any biscuits.

You can get yourself one of these lovely lamps from Amazon, in a choice of white or black. I chose white because if I’d have chosen black, Gem would have asked to have it in one of the other rooms in the house and I’d have been left with my rubbish £3 Asda desk lamp that gets painfully hot after 2 minutes of being on. (I remember sweating through a Sharknado commentary once thanks to that lamp).

That’s it. Lamp.

Oh, and it has a USB port at the back for charging your phone. I forgot to write that. So there’s that too.

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