Quickie Review – August LP310 Air Mouse

Posted: May 30, 2016 in Fudgecrumpet, Product review, Review
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Right then, we’re motoring through these quickie reviews, aren’t we? Yeah, mad skillz.

Ok, final one for now, because we have to go to the in-laws to a barbecue and to see my sister-in-law’s new baby, which will obviously not be as cute as my new baby, obviously.

This is an August LP310 Air Mouse and Wireless Presenter.
“What’s an Air Mouse and Wireless Presenteramijigger?” I hear you ask, as you sip your gin because it is a bank holiday and you can’t agree which movie to watch on Netflix. This is what it is…


It’s basically a wireless mouse with a laser pointer. Like science professors or whatever use with their Powerpoint presentations without having to run back to the computer to click the mouse like we used to have to do in school.


So you plug in the little USB dongle into your PC, and then you can wiggle the pointer around to your heart’s content from up to 15m away. At the moment, we just use it to control the laptop when it is plugged into the TV and we can’t be bothered getting up to click stuff.


The AirMouse charges from a microUSB cable, which is included. This is good, because pretty much everything I own is charged by a microUSB cable now. The missus and kids all have iPhones and such, so they don’t understand how nice it is to have everything charging from the same wire.

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Dizzying the dog with a laser

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Also, it has a laser pointer, which send the dog and cat batshit crazy. So, that’s fun.


This all comes in a nice little faux leather carry case, so you’re not going to lose the thing like I did with my wireless mouse which I still can’t find. I reckon the dog ate it. He ate the last one and then did purple plastic poos. It was a purple coloured mouse, in case you were thinking eating plastic makes your poo purple. Only purple plastic does that. Or a combination of red and blue plastic, probably.

Aaaaanyway, you can buy yourself one of these from Amazon, should you want to do wireless pointer wiggling at that important presentation you have to do to impress Mr Pinklesmythe so you can get a raise. Or if you just want a laser pointer to send your pets mad.

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