Quickie review – Brainwavz Hooka Headphone Hanger

Posted: May 30, 2016 in Fudgecrumpet, Product review, Review
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Hey there people, got a few awesome things to show you, but as you can probably tell from the title to this blog post, there’s really not gonna be much I can write about them. So, what better way to get through this then by doing some Quickie reviews! Yay!

This is a hook. For headphones. It has an unfortunate name. It’s a Brainwavz Hooka Headphone hanger!


So this is a fairly hefty aluminium hook that promises to hold the weight of the heaviest headphones due to it’s 3M VHB foam stickers (which are apparently really strong).



I don’t have any headphones at the moment because my last pair got trapped under my chair and broke in half (and then I took the speaker bits out and sewed them into a hat so I could have hatphones) so instead I am going to test this hook out using a 1kg weight that I got when I was pretending to do fitness.


So, yeah, it holds the weight easily. Which is good because I’ve got a cup of tea sat right underneath it and I don’t want it to get spilled.

There is kind of a warning that comes with this. Decide where you’re going to stick the hook before you stick it up, because the sticky pads are REALLY sticky. You’re gonna struggle to get it moved if you change your mind.

You can find this here hooka hook (I still think it’s an unfortunate name) from the Brainwavz site, or Amazon if you prefer.

It’s a good hook. You should definitely buy this if you need a hook. For your headphones.

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