Random German Crap – Bonus Buttplug Bonanza

Posted: Jun 2, 2016 in Fudgecrumpet, Product review, sex, sexy
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Hi again,

So, following the er… success of the previous ‘Germans have sent me rude things’ post, I thought I’d just share the next few tweets from the following night, when I unboxed the second package from those lovely, dirty people…


If you remember my little teaser from last time you’ll know what to expect, I imagine when they make this whole thing into a Netflix series, they’ll edit into a more suspenseful style.

So, a couple more boxes, one containing stuff from the Chinese, the other …stuff from the Germans.

Obviously, being a natural showman and expert at teasing a captive audience (really, they’re still all locked in the cellar. I don’t have a cellar) I showcased the Chinese crap first…

Then, because Gem had kept me up late watching Sex and the City 2 for some reason, I figured, less of the teasing, let’s get down to business…

A quick, yet meticulous unboxing then occurred…

and then down to business with the first of the er… items, along with a free Modern Languages lesson.

and the next required no translation…

and finally, the mother of all uncomfortable insertion devices…

which, I repeated, with a ruler, to emphasise the size, because I am helpful…


And finally, a challenge…

Please do write in to fudgeymail@gmail.com with your suggestions for non-buttpluggy things to do with the buttplugs. I might even give a prize away if it’s really funny. You’re not having the buttplugs though. Or the fake vagina. Or the cock rings.

You can win some of the Chinese nonsense. You like that. No, seriously, sometimes they send good things that you’d like.

So, yeah, Patreon, Coffee, Facebook, Goodnight.

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