Cool Things or lack thereof.

Posted: Jun 7, 2016 in Random Blogness, rant, rants

Hi kids.

I’m fed up.

Just been checking the various places I go to for blogging assignments and, well… it seems there’s nothing fun to write about. Sure, if I wanted to write about fitness or review cheap, yet fashionable jewellery, I’m fine. I don’t want that though.


I’m just getting fed up of making dull things sound interesting.

You know how hard it was to make a fun review about chewing gum?

I had to write a review about a hook.


Anyway, what I’m saying is, if you can think of something fun and/or appropriate for me to write about, or if you can put me in touch with someone with something interesting to review (no more buttplugs) then I think you might possibly have saved my already over-heated brain from turning into a mushy mess, like if you add pineapple to a jelly.

It might also help if you say nice things about me online. Nobody ever says nice things about me online. Except when they do and I think they are taking the piss because the internet is inherently sarcastic.

Sorry, this is a bit of an entitled, selfish rant that shows how little effort I actually put into networking or whatever.

It’s just really hard to make chewing gum fun and it’s really hard to do a safe for work post about buttplugs and fake vaginas.

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